Top 10 Beautiful And Popular Bollywood Actresses

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Top 10  Beautiful And Popular Bollywood Actresses

Celebrities know how to be on the top and rock the world with their presence. There are thousands of celebrities growing in the film industry these days but those actors who have made it to the top 10 always stay at the top. There is a time period for every actor to stay at the top. Whenever that time is gone, the actors leave the top list. But few actors never leave the spotlight. No matter how old they get, they never get out of the top list. Bollywood and Hollywood have those top 10 lists in which celebrities have taken their places and are planning to stay there for a while. Following are the top 10 actresses of Bollywood and Hollywood.

1. Katrina Kaif -Lovely Bollywood actress

Commonly known as Kat, is on the top of the most wanted and loved list Katrina-Kaif-Hot-Wallpapersofbollywood actresses. She has done a number of amazing films and has received a lot of success. She has a controversial background that has given her a lot of success and is known as the beauty of England. Katrina is the English beauty that India has gotten. She is the queen of all hearts and has received a lot of favor from her fans. The love that people have for her never ends. She has worked in a lot of movies and has done a great job which has bought her to a high level.

2. Kareena Kapoor -Queen of Bolly Wood

The bebo of film industry and the queen of Saif A. Khan is on the kareena-kapoor-Hot Wallpapers2ndfilmindustry by doing the amazing work she does and the number of movies that have been a hit because of her. She has worked in a lot of movies and has received an amazing triumph whatever she does. She has the ability to look pretty in every look and she has the body that every girl envies. She is the girl who believes that inner beauty really matters and this shows on her face. She has a lot of fans who never fail to please her.

3. Prianka Chopra-Asian Beuty

She is on the 3rd being the best celebrity in singing as well. She has received Prianka Chopra Hot Wallpapersalot of success in the films she has acted and now she is on the top with the songs she is singing. She has an amazing voice and is the Asian beauty that every man adores. She is the woman who has been selected by the Hollywood celebrities for being extremely beautiful. She has never failed to please her fans and has the ability to adjust in almost every role.

4. Depika Padoukon-Hot Actress

She is killing the  number with her success and beauty. She is doing great with Depika Padoukonher films and is She is the brown beauty of Bollywood who has taken the film industry to another level with her amazing films. Depika has reached the top of success after a few movies and has become the heart of people. She is the queen of Ranbir Kapoor and has done amazing films with him. Their couple has been in news for a long time and they have been together since then. They are amazing together and do amazing job without each other. Depika has the beauty that no one can deny and she has the talent to do a lot of amazing work.

5. Anushka Sharma-Indian Beauty

She is on the 5th laughs and says it all. She is the Indian beauty who anushka_sharma Hot Wallpapershasreached the top of success in a very few films and has been able to work with a lot of people. She has never failed to please her fans and has the talent that tells how amazing she is. She is an amazing dancer and with her great acting skills she has reached the top of success. She is the person who believes that she is on the top in acting.

6. Sonam Kapoor-Top Charming Actress

The daughter of Anil Kapoor has rocked the world with her fine looks sonam-kapoor-Hot Wallpapersandamazing personality. Her Asian beauty speaks everything and she knows whatever she is doing. This clever beauty is the woman has done a few movies and has not received a lot of success. However after her movies she has become the queen of everyone’s heart and people have started to love her even more. She has elegant features and is the person who can do everything asked. She has auditioned for a Hollywood movie and has received success everywhere.

7. Sunakshi Senha-Best Bolywood actress

This Bollywood beauty has been on the top with her amazing looks and has Sunakshi Senhadone a great job in her films. She is the person who did her first film ‘Dabang’ and never left screen since then. She has worked in a lot of movies after that and has become the heart of every person. She has thousands of fans and everyone loves the way she acts. She is the beauty who has it all. She has worked with great actors and has never failed to bring the best of her.

8. Madhuri Dixit-Queen of Hearts

No matter how old she gets, she is still the queen of all hearts and is still Madhuri Dixit-Wallpapersadored by millions of people. After her return in films she did her comeback film ‘Aja Nachle’ which was a huge success. Madhuri’s dancing moves and her acting skills are all too amazing for anyone to compete. She is the person who has the beauty and a lot of skills. She has worked in a lot of films and now works as anchor in many films. She is the beauty and is adored by many people even today.  number of the top list. She is ruling the industry with her amazing smile.

9. Ashwayria Rai Bachan-Miss Universe 

The beauty of India and the queen of film industry have everything that a Smiling Aish :)perfect person requires. She is truly the best. She won the Miss Universe contest a long time ago and since then she has ruled the hearts of people. She is married to the renowned Bachan family and has a daughter who is expected to enter film industry at a very young age. This beauty queen is the amazing person and has no ego about anything. She is extremely talented and an amazing dancer. She has done a lot of movies and has been very successful throughout her acting career.

10. Bipasha Basu

The sizzling beauty is on number 10 because of no recent films. She has been Bipasha Basu- Wallpapersout of the film industry for a long while now and is not taking any projects for personal reasons. The work she has done has got her a lot of fans and people love her work. She is an amazing dancer and this dark beauty has everything that a woman needs to be hot. She looks amazing in every film she has worked and is the best person with a lot of talent.


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