Top 10 Hottest Actresses From Hollywood

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Top 10 Hottest Hollywood Actresses , Top 10 hottest celebrities 2014

Hollywood is magical world of beautiful, sexiest and hottest actresses. Here are images of top 10 hottest actresses of Hollywood who are ruling with their beauty and acting skills in films industry. These gorgeous ladies are very talented and they proved their good acting skills by working in the top Hollywood movies. These top 10 hottest actresses and top sexiest actresses are ruling over the millions of their fan’s heart with their stunning looks and acting skills.

Top 10 Hottest Actresses Pictures:

Here are top 10 hottest actresses photos of Hollywood who are so gorgeous and charming and fans from all over the world adore their beauty.

10. Angelina Jolie

top 10 hottest korean actresses. top 10 hottest actresses 2011

The Oscar winning Hollywood actress “Angelina Jolie” is the hottest actresses famous for her role “Lara Croft” in the Hollywood blockbuster movie. Fans from all over the world see her movies only because to see her. Fans love to see her in romantic and actions scenes as well.

9. Marion Cotillard:

Top 10 Ten Hottest Actresses, Top 10 Sexiest Actresses

“Marion Cotillard” is most young and talented Hollywood actress famous for her stunning style and acting style in her movies. She earned her name in film industry in a few years by giving her best in her blockbuster movies and now she is a big name in Hollywood industry.

8. Megan Fox:

Top 10 Sexiest Actresses, Top Ten Most Popular Hollywood Actresses in 2014

“Megan Fox” has stepped in Hollywood world in 2011 and within few years she became hottest and sexiest actress. In Hollywood movies her presence takes higher expectation for the fan response.

7. Kristen Stewart:

Top Ten Sexiest Hollywood actress,top 10 hottest actresses 2012

The actress is famous for her character “Bella Swan” for her Hollywood series movie “Twilight Saga.  Kristen Stewart is so simple and young actress and fan like her romantic scene in her movies and adore her all beauty and simplicity on camera. She is symbol of success for Hollywood movies.

6. Kirsten Dunst:

top 10 hottest actresses 2011,top 10 hottest actresses 2012

She is multi-talented actress which his famous for her acting, singing and modeling. Kirsten Dunst debut film was with lead actors Edipus Wrecks and Woody Allen. She acted in Spiderman series and gains much popularity with her fabulous acting.

5. Reese Witherspoon:

top 10 hottest actresses 2011, Top 10 Ten Hottest Actresses This hot actress is famous for her beautiful eyes and stylish hairstyles. Reese Witherspoon has won many award like Guild Awards and Globe Award for giving hit performance in movies.

4. Cameron Diaz:

top 10 hottest actresses 2012, top 10 hottest actresses 2013Cameron Diaz name appears in top 10 hottest actresses in Hollywood due to her perfect shaped body and good figure. In Hollywood her movies are liked to her perfect acting and her sexy acting style to memorize the audience.

3. Sandra Bullock:

top 10 hottest actresses 2012, top 10 hottest actresses 2013Sandra Bullock is well-known American film and TV actress and looks so charming and stunning on the camera. She is beautiful but talented actress too. She is actress show won Oscar awards and Globe Award for her superb acting in Dramas and Movies.

2. Nicole Kidman:

top 10 hottest actresses 2011, top 10 hottest actresses 2012

She is most famous hottest actress of this generation, which is expert in delivering her performance naturally and with flawless. She is giving her fabulous performance from the age of 16 and now she has a good name in Hollywood.

1. Katy Perry:

Top 10 Hottest Hollywood Actresses, top 10 hottest actresses 2011

Katy Perry is at the 1st number in top 10 hottest actresses of Hollywood. She looks so hot in all movies and her fans like her in love making scene and adore her body figure as well as her way of acting in films. She has a talent to make mesmerize her fans due to her presence on screen.

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