Top Cute Moments Of Colors TV show Rangrasiya

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paro and rudra

The TRP is increasing due to its interesting storyline and its fan interest. Fans are responding to their favorite show “Rangrasiya” on Twitter and Facebook and they are really liking the upcoming romantic sequences and the love air between Rudra and Paro. The arrogant, fueled and always ignited Rudra, is changing and falling in love with Paro but still he is not accepting the truth that ‘he is in love.’ Fans are enjoying Paro’s unique love for Rudra and Rudra’s soft side for Paro. Since the last two to three weeks, the show is becoming more interesting due to some very sweet moments of Rangrasiya. Today we are going to share some of these sweet moments with you that fans really liked.

Scene #1:

The very sweet moment that fans really enjoyed watching Paro‘s reactions to being in Jaipur Hotel to attend the Rudra’s senior officer’s wedding anniversary. She was singing and dancing with joy and loving the exquisite room décor with fresh roses on the bed, flowers, chocolates and champagne.

paro rudra

Scene #2:

The cutest moments, the most romantic and intimate in the whole show till now, was the first dancing sequence between Paro and Rudra. Rudra and Paro’s spellbinding passionate dance and the love expressions in their eyes. The tender, sweet and funny conversations, in drunk mode, were really magical and so captivating.

rangrasiya, sanaya irani

Scene # 3:

It is quite rare in this show so see Rudra smile! The scenes in which Rudra teases Paro were hilariously funny. The fans went ‘wow’ the first time Rudra smirked on show and funny avatar of him.

sanaya and ashish

Scene # 4:

The morning after the mini honeymoon, we are seeing that Rudra is starting to really care for Paro. Fans of this show really loved the scene in which Rudra is restless and we see that Paro is still angry with him for lying to her about her drunkenness the night before. He tries to make her amends and wants to say sorry. But when she request “Pink Chorian” for her forgiveness, we see how Rudra buys for her pink churian and comes to her and says, “Abh Day Mafi.” The manner in which he said this was so cute and innocent.

paro and rudra

Scene # 5:

First time we see the physical closeness of Paro and Rudra is, during the button stitching scene. Rudra tries to stitch his button back on with one hand and Paro steps in through the bedroom hall window and helps him. She get nervous to see him gazing down at her and she asks him to look upward. Such a cute moment to see Rudra’s facial expressions and doing as he is told! The most romantic moment was when Rudra allowed her to get close to his chest to cut the thread from his shirt with her teeth!

ashish sharma

Scene #6:

The cutest TATA scene ever on the TV was recently captured in Rangrasiya. Rudra is leaving to go his office for the first time back in uniform since he was suspended and he’s in an angry stressed up mood. Paro asks him say tata to her but he ignores her. Just as he approaches the porch way exit, Paro sees that Rudra turns back and smile for her. She lights up like a Christmas tree with joy of love and sheer happiness. This moment was so amazing for the fans and they sighed.

ashish sharma and sanaya irani

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