Top hairstyles to try out!

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Top hairstyles to try out!

Try these three amazing hairstyles this season to look different:

The Tousled-up Temptress:

Top hairstyles to try out!

Time for a curly women hair style! Curly hairs have earned bad reputation that they give tough time to set perfectly right in place. Don’t panic. Tousled up temptress will give a gorgeous look to your curls. First tie your hair in loose pony tail, then take large sections of your pony and secure them up with the help of pins. Take sections randomly to make your curls look beautiful and sexy. Now you are ready to grace any party with your sedate personality.

Sophisticated Strands:

Top hairstyles to try out!

This women hair style is extremely in demand if you want to keep your off the face but still want to show your long, silky hair. This wonderful hairstyle demands little effort but it will surely place you as center of activity in parties. It is a four step process where first you have to take the small section of your hair at top and tease it down to create cushion. Now take hair section from temple to temple and tie those using pins on top crown of your head. Take hair from temples to your ears and secure them in the same way as you did before on top of your head. The remaining last section of your hair, tie it under the last section. Leave the hair straight and silky and spray with hold hairspray if you like to keep hair at its place.

Fish Tail Fun:

Top hairstyles to try out!

Divide your hair in equal sections. Take 1/8 inch section from left side and cross it over to the inside of your right section. Now take a 1/8 inch section from right side and cross it over to the inside of the left section. Continue doing it until all hair is braided and leave some hair free from the front to give elegant look.

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