Top Justin Bieber Songs List

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Justin Bieber is teens favorite Canadian 19th years old singer. Justin Bieber is most popular singer in all music lovers all over the world. Everyone loves his songs and their lyrics too much and he is the only one singer whose songs debut recorded for billboard 100 hits. According to the latest Google trends he is at the 2nd number in world’s famous celebrities.

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Justin Bieber songs are popular amongst all music lovers of every corner of world. Youngsters love his songs and also his hairstyle is very popular in teens. Here are the list of his most popular songs which ruled everywhere within his globe fans.

Famous Justin Bieber Songs List:

  • Boyfriend:

This fabulous song belongs to Justin Bieber’s 3rd album which was released in 2012. This was his romantic songs and quite different from rest album songs. This song is at 1st in billboard hit 100 songs.

  • Baby:

Justin Bieber fans knows him by his debut album song “Baby” and thing made a trill in his fan. Justin Bieber has household name “Baby” after the great popularity of this song. Justin Bieber song “Baby” gain 2nd position in billboard hits 100.

  • Beauty And A Beat:

If any Justin Bieber fan has not yet listen this song then he has missed a really magical song. The music and the lyrics are just wow and no one can stop dancing when its play. This song is from Justin Bieber’s third album. In billboard hits 100 list this songs is at fifth number.

  • Mistletoe

Justin Bieber Christmas song “Mistletoe “is really very nice songs beautifully sung with R&B and pop music. In 2011 Justin Bieber released his Christmas album and this song gained much popularity than rest songs in the album and this song selected in billboard hit 100 for 11th number.

  • Never Say Never:

Justin Bieber song “Never Say Never” was selected as theme song ofThe Karate Kid” movie in 2010. With the movie popularity this song with pop and R&B music touch entertained the viewer a lot. This song becomes so popular after the movie released and selected at the 8th number in billboard hits 100.

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