Top Ten Branded Sarees In India

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Indian sarees are not like other dresses, this typical traditional wear of Indians. In Indian culture from thousands of years sarees are wearing. Now is quite tough to think that sarees are only designer creation or designer tag necessary for them. In glamorous world now branded sarees fashion is on peek.

Branded saree’s fashion engrossed the industry to introduce their traditional wear to international industry and to give it new styles and fashion. Not all famous brands fabrics and dresses are available in all cities of the country. Indian designer sarees and blouses are now getting famous to all over the country to high quality fabric and amazing embroidery and design sense in saree’s collection. Today we are sharing with top ten branded sarees in India.

Satya Paul:

satya paul printed sarees, satya paul sarees price range

Top Indian brand Satya Paul is providing its top designed saree collection with innovative styles. They are introducing beautiful sarees designs with their capative fashion designers team. Recently top fashion designer Masaba Gupta has joined the Satya Paul to give boast to their designs.

Manish Malhotra:

manish malhotra sarees online, manish malhotra sarees price

If we talk about Bollywood fashion then Manish Malhotra is a prominent name for designing glamorous dresses for celebrities. Celebrities are wearing sarees in different events and shows usually designed by Manish Malhotra. In fashion industry, sarees of this brand are most demanding due to the great designs and fashion sense.

Fab India:

fabindia blouses, latest cotton sarees

TATA own the most famous brand of Indian named as Fab India. This brand has earned its name in fashion industry by designing cotton fabric items. Their cotton sarees collection is always elegant and graceful due to colors and embroidery.

Sabyasachi Mukherjee:
latest saree designs sabyasachi, sabyasachi mukherjee sarees online

Sabyasachi Mukherjee named designer dresses are also liked by bollywood celebrities, it is an exclusive brand and only it’s desgined dresses are available on its own store. You can’t find its dresses over the malls and other store to sale. Fashion sarees collection is a major category of their fabulous designs.


nalli sarees online shopping, nalli sarees price range

The brilliant brand of India “Nalli” is designing top fashion dresses and traditional wears. This brand is popular for designing south Indian silk sarees in wide varity. They are not only designing south Indian sarees but also other sarees design in different fabrics.

Ritu Kumar:

ritu kumar bridal saree, designer sarees

If you want to know the best brand of Indian for designing bridal sarees then Ritu Kumar is at the top of the list. They are truly designing the best bridal dresses and bridal sarees collection and selling them at number of stores and malls.


deepam sarees online, deepam sarees photos

South Indian silk sarees providing best brand in Indian is known as Deepam. They are famous for giving raise to south Indian sarees fashion in industry, but also they are designing other fashion dresses in different fabrics to beat the other brand competition.

Tarun Tahiliani:

tarun tahiliani bridal sareestarun tahiliani online

Another Indian top exclusive designer Tarun Tahiliani has wowed customers by providing such a innovative and beautiful designed dresses. Sarees collection in every fashion week always gets so much appreciation and applauds.


kalamandir sarees, kalanjali sarees online shopping

Kalanjali is a famous Indian brand that is providing top fashion sarees to the industry. Top models and celebrities are ambassador of their every collection in seasons. This time Deepika Padukone is its brand ambassador and giving photo shoots by wearing their sarees collection.


gaurang shah designer sarees, gaurang shah sarees online

The hottest and sexy dresses collection brand name is Gaurang, which is providing up to the high standard dresses to the customers. This brand have store of zamdani weavers that is creating masterpieces for this brand.

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