The top ten highest paid actresses of 2014

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As the film industry is developing day by day and blasting with each passing day, there is colossal rivalry and race to be number one on the box office. Whether we discuss the film or we discuss the on-screen character or the performers, everybody needs to be number one and hit the movies like a super star. The producers and directors put every effort to make his film number one on the charts and the on-screen characters and performers need to be number one by conveying the most realistic acting in the films. Today, I am going to share the top most elevated paid on-screen characters of 2014.

The top ten highest paid actresses of 2014

On the off chance that you are searching for the top ten highest paid actresses 2014, then you are at the right spot because now I am going to list the top 10 highest paid actresses of 2014 right here. Below is the list of Hollywood’s top 10 female actresses who are hitting the top chart.

  1. Sandra Bullock: Well, as per the Forbes magazine, Sandra Bullock has earned $51 million last year and is at the most obvious number one position at this time on the top 10 highest paid actresses of 2014. She turned 50 on July 2014 and she was at number 7 on this chart last year. At the same time, the number 50 seems like a lucky one for her as she snatched the most obvious position from Angelina Jolie, who was at number one in this race last year. Thanks to her part in the Alfonso Cuarón’s sci-fi thriller Gravity because after her appearance in this thriller, her pay earnings have almost tripled from $14 million to $51 million.
  2. Jennifer Lawrence: At the number two position, there is the wonderful Jennifer Lawrence. The Hunger Games star has earned $34 million last year and since July 2013, she has showed up in a couple of hit films like X-Men: Days of Future Past and American Hustle.
  3. Jennifer Aniston: Well. At the number three place, there is Jennifer Aniston, she earned $31 a year ago and took a part in the parody We’re the Millers.
  4. Gwyneth Paltrow: Gwyneth Paltrow with her work in “Iron Man 3“ earned $19 million last year, according to the Forbes and is at number four position.
  5. Cameron Diaz and Angelina Jolie: At the number 5 position, there is a tie between Angelina Jolie and the Cameron Diaz with equal earnings of $18 million for the last year.
  6. Scarlett Johansson: The Lucy’s star Scarlett Johansson is at the number 6 position with $17 million earnings last year. The marvel movies like endorsement and Black Widow have helped her gain the number six position in this chart.
  7. Amy Adams: Amy Adams is at the number seven position in this countdown with $13 million earnings in the past year. American Hustle, Her, and Man of steel helped her for this position.
  8. Natalie Portman: The beautiful actress from the movie “Thor: The dark world” earned $13 million in the past year and at the number eight position in this countdown.
  9. Kristen Stewart: Well, the Twilight star Kristen Stewart with $12 million earnings last year stands at the number nine position in this countdown.
  10. Because there is a tie at number 5 between Cameron Diaz and Angelina Jolie, so this list ends here.


Along these lines, as indicated by the Forbes, the champ of the 2014 top winning on-screen female characters is Sandra Bullock, who has earned $51 million last year. As she got 50 years of age on this July, she had grabbed the most obvious position from Angelina Jolie, who was at the number first spot on the rundown of the top ten highly paid performing artists a year ago. Sandra Bullock is without a doubt heading the race with an enormous $17 million distinction from the Jennifer Lawrence, who has earned $34 million last year. Along these lines, Sandra Bullock is heading the countdown with a huge difference.

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