Traditional Bridal Dresses Style

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Bridal dresses give an opportunity to the bride to display her true personality on her big day. The gasp inducing bridal dresses are the most amazing part of the wedding. There is a wide variety of designs to suit individual body frame. With the latest trends and exceptional designs every bride can embrace her inner princess on her special day.

Traditional Bridal Dresses Style

Shoulder caps

An ideal choice for the brides who don’t like to show off much skin is the bridal dress style with caps on the shoulder. It is also comfortable for brides with a heavy bust. Mostly they are worn without a veil. The shoulder caps enhance the elegance and feminist aspect of the bridal dress. Those who are not fond of strapless dresses can definitely go for this one.

Princess Style Bridal dresses

Princess wedding dress has a tight bodice which gradually tapers into a wide skirt as it goes down. It is usually made of a long, single piece of fabric that gives a seamless lengthening look to the whole attire. This bridal dress style flatters all body types and goes well with all wedding themes.

Ball Gown Bridal dresses

One of the most common bridal dress styles is the ball gown, which looks very traditional. The full rustling skirt that flares from the tight bodice on the top is especially suitable for brides with full figures. The drapes of light, flowy fabrics on the sides or trains at the back suit the romantic aura of the wedding celebrations. The prom look of the ball gown has always been a heart favorite of brides.

A-Line Wedding Dress

This is the bridal dress style that flatters all body types, especially those with the pear shaped body. The dress starts with a tight bodice and tapers down into a wide skirt. This style is also suitable for short dresses. The short A-line bridal dresses style are ideal for brides who would like to flatter their athletic, toned legs.

Mermaid Style Bridal dresses

Mermaid Style Bridal dresses

It is also called trumpet style. Tall, athletic brides with perfect figures are the best candidates for this bridal dress style. The dress stays fitted just above the knee from the top bodice and then dramatically flares down into the skirt to the toes.

Empire Wedding Dress

Inspired by the bridal dresses in fashion in the 18th century, the empire wedding dress style is a savior for the brides who are heavy or out of shape. The tight fitted bodice which ends right below the bust hides the stomach and other flaws with the loose draping skirt. The emphasis on the bust takes away the attention from the lower body.

Back Revealing Dresses

The bridal dresses are a3-D show for the on lookers. There are just as much exquisite details on the back side as there are on the front. Sheer backs with light embroidery are great for showing off some skin yet not too revealing. Laces are ideal for this purpose. They add a touch of feminity and softness.

Strapless Dresses Wedding Dress

Strapless bridal dresses are never out of fashion. This is the most wanted bridal dress style all over the world. The look is completed with elegant head dresses and veils. All the dress styles look fabulous with strapless bodice on the top.

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