Traditional Rajasthani Mehndi Designs

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Rajasthan is a state of India which is considered as symbol of India’s culture and tradition. In Rajasthan, mehndi is considered to be the one of the most important traditional symbol. Rajasthan culture depicts the importance of mehndi as their tradition. Mehndi is very popular in India, especially in Rajasthan. Either it’s a wedding ceremony or party or birthday ceremony, the people of Rajasthan considers putting mehndi a must. Girls or women of all ages like and love applying Rajasthani mehndi on every single occasion.

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When someone goes for the Rajasthani mehndi designs, then it’s found that they are way difficult as compared to simple mehndi designs. But the fact is that the beauty and versatility of Rajasthani mehndi designs are also beyond thoughts. Rajasthani mehndi is called as the art of making, creating and designing classy and trendy designs with versatility.

Brides of Pakistan and India, nowadays, prefer Rajasthani mehndi only as they such designs give somewhat heavy as well as beautiful look along with a good dark color. Along with beauty and dark color such mehndi designs also gives royal, antique and traditional look to girls hand and feet and adds more beauty in bride.

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Some of the Rajasthani mehndi designs also include a picture of girl in between the hand that too depicts the culture of Rajasthan. People of Rajasthan love to add that girl face in their mehndi design as they think that it adds more beauty in the design. The specialty of Rajasthani mehndi is that is consists of a traditional girl face and that it is applied all the way from hand to elbow. Another specialty of Rajasthani mehndi is that it gives red color, the darkest red color.

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The best and traditional way of applying Rajasthani mehndi is by first grinding the pure natural mehndi leaves and then applying as a paste after adding water. But as the time changes, now people have made mehndi cones and applying mehndi has now become much easier. With the help of cone the drawing of Rajasthani mehndi designs have also become easier, as the Rajasthani designs are very complicated. Traditionally, such designs are applied from the arm till the elbow, as it is considered that the heavy and fully covered design adds more beauty. One of the most popular Rajasthani mehndi design is called chowk. The word chowk means courtyard, and this name is given to this famous design because of their culture and tradition. Chowk design is applied in various forms; the form varies from occasion to occasion. For Gangaur fair the chowk design is different and for teej or holi or other functions the chowk design is different, according to the event or occasion. Some of the names of other Rajasthani mehndi designs are; beejani or pankhi, chopper and lahriya. Beejani or pankhi means fan, chopper means dice used in game, chopper is mostly applied on the arms and feet of brides as it is considered as the symbol of love and lahriya means waves.

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