Tug Of War Between “Rangrasiya” and “Beinteha”

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Colors TV has launched TV shows together “Rangrasiya” and “Beinteha” together with very good cast and production houses. Both shows are telecasted at 9:00pm and 9:30pm time slots.

Beintehaa, Zain & Aliya

Beinteha is Muslim social surrounding love story between Zain and Aliya of two different classes. Zain belongs to Rich family and Aliya belongs to a middles class family and both have different concept for love. Zain don’t believe in love but Aliya believes that love can change our life and brings true happiness. They both get married and now story in going though hate to love journey soon.

rangrasiya , Paro & Rudra

Rangrasiya is a very different hatred and love story between ignited Rudra and Simple Girl Paro. Both have some bad circumstances in their past and they come close to each other in some strange situations. They stories goes from the fueled, ignited hatred story to love. The chemistry between Rudra and Paro is just an amazing on screen.

paro rudra-zain-aliya

Good Competitions between Rangrasiya and Beinteha show is going on.

There is TRP competition between these shows and Beinteha is having good TRP then Rangrasiya. But now it seem that Rangrasiya’s current track will change the TRP’s of these show due to the romantic sequences and Paro and Rudra is fuming the strong between the romantic chemistry between Zain & Aliya. Both shows are promising for the romantic scenes between these Two Couples.

On social media both show’s fan are always seems to talk about their two favorite shows. If any social page asks to choose one of the best show between them the fans of both shows just used to attack on the post and want to win the competition. Rangrasiya’s fans having some complaints with the channel of the show that they are not promoting the show as they are promoting the others shows. They are trending on social networks against the channel for this unjustified behavior. On the other side Beinteha fans looks satisfied and enjoying the success of their show.

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