Best National Parks in USA Zion National Park

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Best National Parks in USA

The best national parks in USA are renowned all over the world. There are 58 national parks in different parts of USA. This extensive number of best national parks in USA not only protects the natural but the cultural heritage of the area that they are kept in. These protected areas are a national asset. Most of the best national parks in USA are managed by United States National Park Service. Only a few are run by private agencies. These natural preserves offer a great outdoor excursion for the people. The best natural parks are scattered over 27 different states.

The best national park that tops the list is The Great Smoky Mountains. It is the most popular park in US with an average of 9 million visitors per annum. Cape Royal and Angel’s Window in Grand Canyon secure the second place among the best national parks in USA. Half Dome in Yosemite is described as an eye magnet. Mount McKinley in Denali, which is America’s tallest mountain, sprawls across Alaska. Its gleaming white stretch is breathtaking. Above the valley floor of Wyoming is Grand Teton, a part of Teton Range.

The best national parks in the USA cover a total area of 51.9 million acres. North Cascades National Park has the highest concentration of glaciers. Mount Rainier with its glacier-decked slopes thrills its visitors. Zion National Park also holds a distinctive place among the best national parks in USA. Cumberland Gap National Historic Park is another famous landmark.

Chimney Rock National Historic Site in Nebraska has wild endless expanse. Devil’s Tower National Monument has astonishing landforms. It is an irresistible site for rock climbers. Island in The Sky in Canyonland offers a different yet unique view of the red rocks. The rivers along the canyons lend an awesome sense of life as well as motion. Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park is home to Mount Kilauea which is claimed to be the world’s most active volcano. Yellowstone National Park is the world’s first national park which stretches over the states of Wyoming, Idaho and Montana. It is well known for its geothermal features like bubbling mud pots, geysers and hot springs. Bering Land Bridge National Preserve beneath the shallow waters of Bering Sea is more like an unsung beauty. It is a mere fifty mile separation between Asia and North America and considered one amongst best national parks in USA.

These parks offer all kinds of recreational activities like hiking, mountain climbing, skiing, biking, fishing, wildlife and even road trips. American safari finds its destinations in these pristine and awesome locations. Adventurous visitors can hit the trails with picturesque views and unimaginable scenery in best national parks in USA. Some of the photographs of these natural wonders seem to be computer generated and are just unbelievable.

Each park incorporates its own special features. The best national parks in the USA hold the country’s most amazing views. They offer the people an insight into the wildlife in its own natural environment. The best national parks include breathtaking natural formations as well. All of them are worth visiting. All these parks are all inspirational beauties.

United States Zion National Parks

United States Zion National Parks
United States Zion National Parks

United States Zion national park is situated in the Southwestern United States, near Springdale, Utah. A feature of the 229-square mile is Zion Canyon, which is more than 14 miles long and up to a half mile deep. A visit to place like United States Zion national park makes the mind feel good. Planning a trip to United States Zion park is really a challenge as exploring the park itself.

United States Zion National Parks 01                                                                 United States Zion National Parks view

The word “Zion” sketches many images to the mind. To the original settlers of Springdale, Utah, United States Zion national park is described a place with beauty too admiring and mind relaxing for mere mortals. For them, Zion (United States Zion national park) was a divine destination and a refuge for men and women fishing for a better life. More than one and a half century (150 years) after it’s founding, Springdale continues to tempt those who are pursuing to escape the mundane and indulge in United States Zion national park. Zion provides shelter for visitors from every corner of the world, and offers understandings unlike any on earth.United States Zion National Parks 02                                                           A beautiful View of United States Zion National Park

Springdale is like the soul of Zion; it is really the best place for, bikers, hikers, climbers and tourists looking for creature pleasure and comfort in nature’s most spectacular setting. It is located at the intersection of three North American geographic provinces, the Great Basin, Colorado plateaus and the Mojave Desert. The location itself makes it more admiring and beautiful. Talking about the climate, the spring weather is really unpredictable with stormy; wet days are common, which are mixed with occasional warm and sunny weather. Rainfall is normally the heaviest in March. Slump days are usually clear and mild and the nights are often cool. Regarding weather in summer, the days are usually hot but the overnight lows are usually comfortable. From mid-July to mid-September the afternoon thunder storms are usual in United States Zion national park. Winter, in United States Zion national park is fairly mild. Storms in winter bring rain or light snow to United States Zion national park and heavy snowfall to the higher elevations. Storms in the winter usually last up to several days that results in icy roads. In snow blocking some roads are plowed and some are closed when covered with snow. Driving conditions in winter last from November through March.United States Zion National Parks 03                                                                The way to United States Zion National Park

If one is deciding for a tour then the United States Zion national park is a must go place to make the trip worth. United States Zion national park as for the adults it is also very amusing for the kids as many curriculum based, in classes programs are often offered; further children programs, junior ranger programs are also offered. United States Zion national park also offers many opportunities for the teachers and their students to explore beneath soaring sandstone cliffs, to learn about diverse plants and animal community and discover a fascinating human history.United States Zion National Parks 14                                                  United States Zion National Parks image

So if you are going for Zion you should know that it is open all year, all visitors are required to buy a recreational use pass upon entry, learn about the system, what weather to expect and more. And the most important thing is that your safety is your responsibility.

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