Up Hairstyles for Long Hair

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Up Hairstyles for Long Hair

Up Hairstyles for Long Hair
Up Hairstyles for Long Hair

With the help of few styling items and goods, you can rapidly give yourself a salon-commendable Up hairstyles for Long Hair.

Time required: 5 minutes

Best for:

• Medium or long hair

Stuff required:

• Bobby pins

• Hairspray

Instructions to:

Step 1

Brush out a 2-broad blast area and secure over with 2 bobby sticks. Disentangle a touch with your fingers by hauling at the hairline.

Step 2

Presently you’re left with an area of hair over every ear. Run your pointer from behind your surrendered ear over to the crown of your head. Smooth this segment of hair into a low pig tail behind your left ear then turn the horse twice at the once again of your head. Tie the remaining tail via bobby pins and rehash on the right side. Associate the two turns with a bobby pin.

Step 3

What’s more that leaves the dependably in vogue “mullet” at the scruff the neck. You can dump it like that.

Step 4

Hold your left series and center finger under the bobby pins in Step 2, and revolve an untidy 1 inch part of hair up around your fingers to make a curve. Squeeze it, slip it off fingers and tie with a bobby pin. Don’t connect it to the turns in Step 2 or you’ll pull them out. Finally, repeat with remaining hair until it’s all stuck up.

Step 5

Apply hair spray if needed and enjoy this one of the most beautiful Up Hairstyles for Long Hair.


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