Valima Dress

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Valima Dress

Valima Dress
Valima Dress
In Islamic weddings, valima has a great importance and value. This elegant function is celebrated after the marriage function day. It is actually a celebration of the marriage. This party is given to celebrate the happiness of wedding by groom’s side. valima dress is also bridal dress but the dissimilarity with marriage dress is that valima dresses are designed in different color from that of marriage dress. Marriage dresses are usually made in red color and it various varieties while, valima dresses are introduced and brought in other colors such as blue, light pink, peach, green and sea green etc. There are some other colors also which are being implemented recent days. The pattern of valima dress comprises lehnga along with short and long shirts and profoundly embroidered dupatta.  The shirst and lehnga are also decorated with rich embroidery. Brides love to have matching accessories as well with their valima dresses such as matching sandals, jewelry and bangals etc. As it is very valuable and worthy ceremony, each and every bride dreams to make her day of valima unforgettable and memorable. Consequently, all brides desire to seem stunning and pretty on valima day as they do on their wedding days. This is the reason why so many designers make and design those beautiful and marvelous dresses for valima festivity, which are included in their bridal and wedding wear collections. To choose a best valima dress, you must keep a good eye on latest styles and patterns of wedding functions’ dresses.

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