Vamp Roles In Indian Television Shows

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Indian Television shows are not considered complete without a vamp figure in them. Fans hate their appearance immediately on their TV screens but without them, serials have a habit of becoming somewhat boring. We see different plots and trapping schemes everyday relating to the vamp character that makes ours shows far more interesting to watch. Behind the camera, however, it’s very difficult for these actresses to bear the constant bashings from the fans who hate them due to their portrayal of their negative characters. Today, we are going to make you remember some cunning characters that have been the most hated on the TV shows to date.

Seema Mishra:

vamp seema mishra, seema mishra in madhuballa

Seema Mishra appeared on our TV screens as vamp in the famous show “Madhubaala Ek Junoon Ek Ishq”. She was always devising evil plots to disturb the lives of the protagonists. Seema is a screeching, spoilt type female who is prideful only because she belongs to a rich family. Well this character really disturbed the fans of the show even though they also appreciated her superb acting qualities.

Jyotsna Chandola:

Jyotsna Chandola, susral simar ka

The negative character, Jyotsna Chondola, from the famous hit show “Sasural Simar Ka. Her Khushi character is not like the usual aged and cunning women who look so experience in conjuring up disturbing plots. Rather, she is a young and her negative character is like mirchi, which always adds fuel to the spice in the life of the protagonists. She is so good in her negative character role, that her fans enjoy observing her cunning acting and her evil expressions the most.

Ananya Khare:

Ananya Khare rangrasiya, mohini rangrasiya

Currently, we are watching the most cunning and wicked character of “Mohini” in the show “Rangrasiya”. Ananya Khare is one best actresses around to portray this role as she has already played many negative roles in her career due to her superb acting skills. She is a true character actress. In the show, we feel happy to observe the change in climate of the whole family by her piquant words. Her stinging and memorable dialogues are becoming very famous, and the style in which she delivers her dialogues, is excellent! Here she is playing a serious character but some of dialogues urge the fans to become amused, as she is not always successful in  plottings in this storyline.


Aruna Irani:

Aruna Irani, maayka

The famous Indian actress “Aruna Irani” made her name in Bollywood too with her good acting style. In Indian daily soaps, she is considered the worst vamp ever and she excels in playing devious type characters on TV. She is popular for her vamp role in “Maayka” as the mother-in-law character. She has flawless acting qualities and never likes to over express herself as cunning and devil. She likes to hold a natural expression to show her guile to maintain her cover as a vamp.

Ashwini Kaleskar:

Maham Anga, Ashwini Kaleskar

Ashwini Kaleskar never minded to play negative characters in different soaps. She believes that she just doing her job to show the real faces of different characters in daily life. Recently, she is playing the role of vamp in “Jodha Akbar” as Maham Anga. Her particular acting skills are very well suited to this very strong character and fans are thrilled with her acting.

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