What Can Women and Men Do About Scalp Acne

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Scalp Acne or breakouts are much more common than you think and not just among teenagers that are going though puberty but also with adults and even preteens. The scalp pimples tend to be a bit more complicated because you don’t want to use the typical facial and body acne products as these treatments can really dry out the scalp and hair and cause more lasting damage than most people think. Dermatologist will try to get you to use medicated shampoos and treatments¬† for scalp acne but most of the treatments are alcohol based which means that they too can dry out the hair and scalp and the shampoos smell like medicine and do nothing to unclog the scalp pores or hair follicles that are the main cause of the problem. Sebum plugs or congested hair follicles are the main reason and most hair care products on the market do nothing to try and unclog these.¬†

What Works Best For Sebum Plugs On the Scalp?

There are two products that are getting the best reviews. One is the scalp scrub that uses the fine salt crystals along with a cream cleanser with a very specific mix of herbs. These fine salt crystals along with a circular abrasion with the fingers on the scalp can break open the clogged follicles from the top. The herbal mixture known as Zincplex can irrigate the follicle and get it cleansed from the root up through the follicle canal. This is vital to long term results from breakout and acne issues for men, women, teens. The 2nd product is the herbal detox shampoo with the Zincplex herbs along with zinc pca. The results from the herbs opening hair follicles for those suffering with scalp issues have been very good. Remember that maintaining the proper ph on the scalp is very important to fight off the bacteria that causes the breakouts and also other scalp issues like folliculitis. While most shampoos are raising the ph the herbal mixture Zincplex has the scalp to get the proper ph to fight off fungus, mites and of course bacteria which will result in much healthier hair overall. 

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