Why do women wear stunning high heels?

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Why do women wear stunning high heels?

Why women always prefer to wear high heels?

The high heels enhance their confidence and give them a sense of joy. They want to look sexy and love to get the attention of others. The high heels not only complement their personality but also add beauty to it. The heels gives them height to look taller. Even long heighted women can also wear heels with slightly shorter height. Women who wear high heels, looks slim as compared to women who wear flat shoes.

Different Types of heels:

  • Stilettos:
  • Why do women wear stunning high heels?

This is the most glamorous types of heels, which gives the wearer a sexier look and mostly popular among short and medium heighted women.  The wearer of stilettos shoes must have to do proper practice to walk comfortably. They are often worn in weddings, parties and other festive occasions with short outfits.

  • Wedges:
  • Why do women wear stunning high heels?

These types of heels have a wedge shaped heel which gives a comfortable experience to the wearer and can be worn for long periods. They are worn by women of all heights. They are often worn for casual outfits like with jeans, skirts, etc.

  • Kitten heels:
  • Why do women wear stunning high heels?

Kitten heels are the most famous types of heels as they can be worn by women of all heights especially for taller ones. They are more comfortable type of heels. They are perfect match for professional women.

A woman, who favors flats, must give a try to the high heels. All they have to do is to pay proper attention while choosing the right heels for their event.

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