Hijab in religion Islam

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Hijab in religion Islam

Hijab in religion Islam
Hijab in religion Islam


Hijab is a sort of veil that women in Islam do to cover themselves up. There are different reasons for doing Hijab. It is done to avoid unnecessary attention of other men to a woman. When a woman covers herself up properly, she looks modest and innocent. It adds charm to her personality. However the issue of Hijab in Islam has always been a sensitive one and many countries like Germany, France have banned Hijab on a woman which is unfair. The women there are not allowed to do Hijab in the educational institutes or their place of work.

Hijab is not only a religious obligation for a woman but it is also a means of knowing that how much close a woman is to her creator Allah. This is because it is the teachings if Allah that tells a woman to cover herself for her own safety and it is her responsibility to act on the teachings for her own benefit. Such a woman does not want to show off her body and attract men towards her because she knows it is wrong. Therefore she prefers to cover herself up in a simple way. It also protects her from the evil and harm of the society. So Hijab should not be taken as a compulsion but something that is beautiful and favorable for us.

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Hijab for women in Islam

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