Home Remedies for lips care

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Home Remedies for lips care

Home Remedies for lips care
Home Remedies for lips care

If you are talking about the most delicate skin of our body, then it would none other than the skin of our lips because it reacts very rapidly against any damaging action, like too much revelation to sun, smoking and aging process. There would be several individuals who would have suffered from such problems of chapped lips, as lines starts appearing on their lips or even a loss of pulpiness of their lips.
Glowing soft and pink lips is the trance of every girl. Women use lips glosses,lipsticks and chap sticks to delight their lips against the harsh winter air.But do you ever understand that the chemical colors and ingredients in them give you short-term solutions and when you stop using them,again you get bad conditions on your lips.
Below shared diamond secrets of soft and fresh lips that will delight you forever.Even if you don’t apply lip glosses and chap sticks,you will feel wetness on your lips.
• Milk Cream Scrub:
Mix one teaspoon of milk cream in few drops of lemon juice. Keep the assortment in the fridge for one hour then apply before going into the bed,not only on your lips but also around the lips .Within three days you will get long lasting results .You may continue it on daily routine to Prevent lips aging.
• Glycerin & Rose Water Scrub:
Mix glycerin and rose water in equal proportion. Gently massage the mixture on whole face and lips before going to the bed.You will get mind glowing results just in Five to Seven days.
• Honey & Glycerin Scrub:
Mix one teaspoon of honey with few drops of glycerin. Gently massage it on lips for 15 minutes then wash and apply only glycerin and leave it over-night. This tip is very useful for middle aged women to prevent lips wrinkling.
• Honey & Baking Soda Scrub:
For this homemade beauty tip, you need the below ingredients.
• One Teaspoon of honey
• One Teaspoon of baking soda
Mix these two natural ingredients in a cup and makes a smooth paste. Massage this mixture on your lips gently with your finger and let it dry out for at least five minutes and afterwards and then wash with warm water.

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