5 Tips for taking care of newborn babies

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In a few months the baby is just cuddling, feeding and sleeping .Your baby is also learning a lot as you spend time everyday .Her brain is growing and developing as she sees .Your baby follows your face with his eyes. This age faces are the most interesting things to your babies.different colours like red ,black and white attract the baby .Eye contact is one way your baby tells you he wants  your attention . your baby communicates with you through  crying . Caring for a newborn baby is exhausting and challenging but it is also one of the most wonderful and rewarding experiences of your life.


It is very important to feed the baby on time.a newborn has to be fed every 2 to 3 hours which means you need to nurse 8-12 times in 24 hours . you should only feed breast milk for the first 6 months . breast milk contains the vital nutrients and antibodies that are required for a baby survival and growth .Hold the breast near your baby’s lips until baby latches on firmly and start  sucking . .if the baby has latched on correctly ,the mother will not experience  the pain in her nipple . When the baby is done feeding the breast should feel less .Breast milk is not an option you feed the baby doctor recommended formula . 


Diapering is one of the important aspects when taking care of a new born baby after delivery .If your baby gets breast milk she will wet at least 7 to 8  diapers in a day . you change the diapers frequently as soon  as it feels full . When you change  a dirty diaper you will need a changing sheet ,diaper, wipes as diaper rash cream and baby powder  .You should wipe your baby front to back and back to front . let your baby remain without diapers for a few hours.

Handling your new born baby 

There are a few things to keep in mind when playing with your baby .First of all wash your hands  before handling the baby as their immune system is not developed and they are suffering from infection . Make sure your baby lies on the tummy everyday for a short while . In this way the muscles and neck are stronger .Don’t throw the baby up into the air because it’s dangerous .


Bathing a newborn baby is a difficult task . The bath is usually given 2-7 hours after birth in a healthy term baby weighing more than 2500g . Sometimes bathing can be delayed  in a low birth weight and winter . you should start bathing the baby 2-3 times in a week after the cord stump dries and  falls off . You will need a bathtub of warm water baby soap or body wash, soft towel baby lotion or cream, new diapers and baby clothes .Get your family member help so that one person can hold the baby’s neck and head above the water . clean the baby hairs , sclaps Rines your baby’s body with warm water .Once this is done . dry the baby’s body with a soft towel apply lotion and put on a fresh diapers and baby cloths .


Newborn baby needs to sleep for about 16 hairs a day in the first 3 months . They wake up when they are hungry and wet . As the baby needs to be fed every  3 hours You may need to wake her and feed her. Don’t worry if your baby does not follow the sleep pattern . Every baby is different and has a different sleep cycle . You should also remember your baby head position .

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