Decorating your House in low budget

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Decorating your home from top to bottom is extremely expensive , especially when you factor in the cost of furniture paint and decorating accents . It is the best feeling to walk into your home after a long day .Knowing you will be comfortable and relaxed .It can take away some of the special feelings from your home coming .It’s understandable that you can’t decorate your house because everything is so expensive . We have come up with a few great ideas for you if you wish to redecorate your home on a low budget .

New colours 

If your eyes are tired of looking at your dull wall and you feel like you need to brighten the place up ,consider repainting. You can easily repaint your walls when you make the time to do it .You call some friends for help and have a fun day painting your walls . paint each room a different colour . don’t forget to paint the ceiling as well . More people like to ignore the ceiling.

Wall of Mamories  

You can dedicate the main wall to pictures of all your memories . put up pictures of family ,friends and any adventure .in this way you can make the wall classy ,you can always recycle the old windows frame  to use as frames  for your pictures .there are many other nice diy was that you can make  pictures frames without needing to go for shopping and and spends lots of money to buy new ones .

Decorate with plants 

You can decorate your house with plants .Plants bring life .They should not be neglected in any way . They produce a sweet fragrance and sense of the season . 

If you don’t want to use green plants, bring out your fruits and arrange them in a bowl and glass jars to change the fruits with the seasons .

Change your furniture Layout 

If you change your furniture from one room to another room in this way your living area has a new look . it will elevate the look and you will realize that your furniture layout can be alternated to bring back life  to your house . Take a before and after picture and spot the difference .Your furniture should not be too close to the wall 

Local Art 

Since you can’t afford anything expensive ,consider local arts That look good .check out from the local art programs and invest your money on rising talents .There will always a beautiful piece in the art programs that can hang up on your wall .Art is beautiful and should not be left out you can get creative and hang up a work of your own .

Show of your collection 

Everyone  has a fancy collection of stems or impressions of  flowers . You may love collecting books . old records or coins . use these collections to decorate your home with . this is something else that will allow your personality to shine through in your home

De -clutter 

De-clutting will make a good impact .Rearrange your book shelves closet and other places you might find clutters .Free up tabletops and add flowers or art . You can arrange your kitchen cabinet in the same fashion.


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