An inspirational success story of Paul Marciano

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I have been in fashion industry since 1998, means a decade full of fashion and style. That’s why my inspiration, idealization everything comes from fashion industry. A name that has been my inspiration since my college days is Paul Marciano. The way he raised to the heights of professional life through his self believe and dedication is a strong source of inspiration for so many young fashion designers like me.

Starting from designing ties at low level he raised to such glory and success that now he owns a multi-million dollars business. Who used to be a salesman at jeans store now has 14000+ employees working under him. He fought with the bitter realities of life bravely and courageously. Had to leave studies and parents at a very young age. Had to leave his homeland France and arrived in USA with zero knowledge of English. Leaving behind MGA, a blouse business that he had started along with his brothers.

Many of us might have given up at that stage but Paul is one of the luckiest persons I have come across. And definitely luck favors the brave, he took bold decisions in his life and the life has paid back. Becoming part of Guess to President of Guess the route was tough but fruitful. And now Guess under him has become one of the top fashion brands in USA. And that’s just the beginning, Guess outlets all around USA, Fashion shows, Social activities and so many other things kept on coming. Marciano Art Foundation is the most recent ones on the list.

That’s just a glimpse of what Paul is, and what he has achieved in this fashion industry. To know him better you should visit his site at

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