David LISS Perfumes – My ultimate choice in fragrances

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Follow the heady scent. Let it lead you to the heart of Provence where David LISS proposes refined handcrafted fragrances since 2014. Take on a journey through sophistication where vintage classic meets modern innovation. Experience the quality of a French designed brand produced in Grasse, capital city of perfumery.

Its high concentration of essences garanties a long hold throughout the day. The brand focuses on the fragrance and gives a high-end quality product. The selection is constantly evolving, just as David Liss’ inspiration. Elegance is at the core of every single blend, balancing the density of rich essences with lighter floral notes. The collection unveils a range of different moods, as defining as a garment that only awaits to be worn.

Each fragrance is a tale leaving its mark. From summery light fruity notes of berries and citrus  to deeper peppery and cedar scents, David Liss expresses his  philosophy by evoking memories. The essence of a fragrance is a sensation made to enhance a moment. Noble notes of oud and sandalwood turn into a nebula only to give a hint of a middle-eastern night.  Blackcurrant and raspberry gather on a summer solstice. The intuitive scent of white musc brings you back to a loved place. Embrace it.

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