Arabic Mehndi Designs – Simple and Stunning Way to Beauty

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There are various attributes that add versatility to the life of a girl. A girl wants to look fresh, modern, bold, stylish, trendy and classy. But it’s not possible if she does not fulfill all the requirements that make her exclusive. Then what’s the way to get fashionable? It’s not that difficult. Just have a chic haircut, clean your face with a freshening mask, do manicure and pedicure, decent and bright colored dress, high heels, matching handbag and jewellery and a little makeup on face to get ready for an occasion. And if it’s a wedding or an event like eid then have a design of mehndi on hands to get a traditional look with a classy appearance.


Henna- Highlighter of a Personality

Mehndi is the other name we use for henna. Mehndi or henna has its own distinct way of highlighting the personality of a girl. It is popular in almost all the regions of the world especially in Arabia, Pakistan, India, Dubai and other Asian nations around the globe. The hands, arms or feet of a girl look boring and incomplete without the application of mehndi on wedding, eid and other occasions. It enhances the beauty of body parts in its own manner.


Way to Excitement and Amusement

Young girls adopt an efficient approach to look exclusively different from others at the occasions. They make attractive and pretty designs on hands. Mehndi is the other name of having fun as it carries loads of excitement as well as amusement. Mehndi is mostly avalible in a cone shaped packing with red, black and brown color. Mehndi is a societal custom that have been followed from many years. Mehndi is mostly applied at night so that it could leave its color on hands throughout the night and when washed in the morning give you wonderful results.


History and Story related to Mehndi

Mehndi was introduced by the Mughal Empire so it has strong association with the subcontinent. Mehndi is the symbol of good luck, health and sensuality. There are various styles available for mehndi application including Indian, Arabic, Pakistani and African. Each style has its own diversity. Most of the women apply mehndi for her better half or spouse who takes pleasure from the gorgeousness of her hands. The darkness of mehndi color is also connected with love of husband. The darkened it is, the more would be the affection of her husband.

Arabic Mehndi Design – Magical and Traditional Look


Arabic mehndi designs are most famous these days as they are simple and breathtaking. The magical and traditional look forces the Arabic as well as Asian ladies to opt an Arabic mehndi design to beautify her hands. Arabic mehndi designs mostly contain stunning leaves, flowers and vines. Mehndi is a magnificent art that increases the charm of hands and feet. These designs are available in bold and soft outlines, light and dark color showing the touch of Arabic culture, tradition and heritage. An Arabic design ravishes the look of a bride as the motifs are not messy and complicated. So make an Arabic mehndi design on your hand palms and enhance the attraction with lots of joy and pleasure.

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