Bella Swan to Kristen Stewart Wallpapers

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If you are a teenage girl or if you are in your 20’s then you must know about Twilight: the ultimate perfect love story of a vampire with an ordinary girl. That girl, that character, that feeling of boundless love was beautifully portrayed by the actors of the movie.  Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart did justice with their respective characters and made the movie a commercial success on the box office. Following that the other parts of this romantic saga received equal appreciation and fan following. Both the actors received teen choice awards. After Romeo and Juliet, Bella and Edward were the new love idols.

Kristen Stewart’s journey

Kristen Stewart Wallpapers

Kristen Stewart was born in Los Angeles to the parents that were already involved in the entertainment industry. Kristen Stewart was not the kind of a girl who always wanted fame, glamor and limelight; rather she is a shy little girl with no big expectations.

Fortunately, wheel of time turned in favor of this little girl and she got a role in television series. The role was small but it was a start for her. Later she began to get small appearances on silver screen, until one day she got the life turning offer of the character Bella Swan. Stars were in her favor so she became the most favorite young talent in the industry.  Kristen Stewart hot wallpapers shows the face of a young naïve girl who struggled hard.

Kristen Stewart hot wallpapers depicts that this young girl has a certain level of freshness, naivety and confidence in her. She plays her roles with profound determination. She is beautiful and talented. She is smart enough that despite of being in the limelight all the time she don’t have any scandal or controversy apart from the rumors of her affair with her costar Robert Pattinson. Honestly, it is widely perceived that they both complement each other and they must be together.

Beauty is not everything

Kristen Stewart Wallpapers

Kristen knows that key to success is hard work. Having a series of box office hits does not mean that you will remain in market for long until and unless you prove your potentials. Snow-white and the Huntsman, the runaways, and on the road are the proof that she is not only a pretty face but also a talented actress. She delivers what she promised.  Kristen Stewart hot wallpapers are a proof that she has transformed herself a lot. Removing the tag of Bella swan from her face was a necessary thing in order to sustain in the industry. She has done a marvelous job and makes herself recognized as Kristen Stewart.

Wallpapers of Kristen

Bold, beautiful, sexy, and innocent are the shades of Kristen Stewart, she is the brand ambassador of Chanel and other leading brands. Kristen Stewart hot wallpapers make you realize that this young girl has a long way to go. To see a beautiful face every time you start working, a good wallpaper will definitely make your day.

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