Arabic Mehndi Designs: A Symbol of Festivities

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Arabic Mehndi Designs

Mehndi is an essential part of celebration for the females of sub-continent. Gradually, it has earned fame among women of other parts of the world as well. Elegant mehndi designs have been considered as the basic and foremost accessory of brides. Mehndi designs are the basic part of every function and celebrations. Girls and women of all age apply mehndi on their hands and feet with zest and zeal. No occasion has been considered complete and festive unless and until it has colored hands of all females.

Mehndi trends

Arabic Mehndi Designs

There several mehndi designs. One can choose whatever design she wants to have on her hands and feet. Fortunately, mehndi is not a cosmetic for which you have to go to saloon or parlor; rather any one can make beautiful mehndi designs if she or he has practiced it. It is fuss free and amazingly beautiful.

Mostly, female like gorgeous flowers, petals, delicate vines and beautiful patterns on their hands. But due to its popularity and demand, mehndi designs are now classified as Indian mehndi designs, Arabic mehndi designs, fine delicate mehndi designs and many more like that.

Fame of Arabic mehndi designs

Arabic Mehndi Designs

After Indian mehndi intricate designs, Arabic mehndi designs are very popular these days. Because of the flaunting designs, scintillating light and dark shades of mehndi, pompous flowers and petals attract female of all age. The beauty of Arabic designs are their fullness and richness of every single stroke of mehndi. Everything is clearly visible in designs. Moreover, Arabic henna designs are easy to learn. Any amateur with good art skills can copy the designs and later master that.

Arabic mehndi designs have gained fame in very short span of time. These designs are not easy to apply but also it looks gorgeous when the original color comes on hands. Arabic mehndi designs gave the beautiful bangle style deigns on arms as well. The wonderful aspect of Arabic mehndi designs are that they have been liked by all those girls and women who don’t like to apply mehndi on their hands just because of too much designing and color of henna. With Arabic designs of henna, they become a part of the celebrations and festivities with other women and actually keep their hands less colored at the same time.

Mehndi: an essential cosmetic

Arabic Mehndi Designs

For every woman, in Asian cultures, mehndi has been an essential cosmetic. Mehndi is a plant whose leaves are being chopped and blended to make a thick paste that when applied on skin gives a reddish orange brown color. The color looks profoundly beautiful and the smell of henna is quite addictive. Quite amazingly, many girls are able to make beautiful designs of Arabic mehndi in few minutes. Arabic henna designs represent the culture, norms and the value of henna in society like ours.

You can add flair by applying glitters on your mehndi designs. Apply mehndi designs on your hand; get your hands colored by natural mehndi and not by just any color.

Arabic Mehndi Designs Gallery:

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