Priyanka Chopra: An Enigma Of Beauty And Talent

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This era is of women. Female gender is no longer the weaker or helpless gender at all; girls of all ages are showing their strength, talent, abilities and flair in every industry. Few women became the inspiration for others; their lives are a story of struggle, hard work and determination. It is usually said that beauty is without brains, but women of this age are proving it wrong altogether. Some women have become profoundly influential that their personalities have become a brand name for ordinary people.

Priyanka Chopra a symbol of success

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Priyanka Chopra is one of the leading actresses of Bollywood. She started her career in 2002 with a Tamilian film and later that year she starred in “the hero: love story of a spy”. Beginning of her career was very noticeable to all the film makers. She won film fare best female debut award for her performance in film Andaaz. Her performance in Aiteraaz as the seductress was critically acclaimed and she won filmrfare award for best performance in negative role. Priyanka chopra hot wallpapers are still a massive success on internet.

Origins of the actress Priyanka chopra

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Priyanka chopra belongs to a middle class army family. She spent her childhood years in travelling across India as her father kept on posting from one place to another. From the beginning she was a hardworking kid. Slowly, in her teenage years she began to bloom as a young, talented, naïve and beautiful girl with high ambitions. She took part in beauty pageants and was a major success. And finally, in 2000 she was crowned as Miss World, priyanka chopra hot wallpapers are the evidence of her beauty and confidence.

Beauty with brains

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Priyanka chopra is a glamorous actress, undoubtedly. But her intelligence, timings and self-realization is her competence. She is very adaptive to her surroundings, trends and norms. In her early years in the film industry, her beauty was the key that get her roles. Priyanka chopra hot wallpapers are for her diehard fans, available on internet.

But later she put her sweat and blood, dedicated herself fully to the acting in the true sense. Barfi, Fashion, Mary Kom, Don, Krissh2, gunday, 7 khoon Maaf, kaminey and Krissh 3 are massive success and widely acclaimed by the critics. Critics, reviewers producers admitted that she has risen from her potential and proved herself more than the expectation.

Priyanka is now a successful singer as well, “in my city” and “exotic” are the singles that has just added a feather in Priyanka’s hat. She is a compassionate human being and actively participates in social work and philanthropy.

Glitz and glamour

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Priyanka chopra is one of the bold actresses who never fear to do any scene. Her beauty, innocence and expressions are priceless. Priyanka chopra hot wallpapers are here for you to get inspiration from the goddess of beauty, perfection, hard work and confidence. Different styles of priyanka chopra hot wallpapers are available. Priyanka’s success is also measured by the number of fans, so download her latest wallpapers and show your love for her.

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