Arabic Mehndi Designs: Trendy and Beautiful

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Mehndi is an essential element of female cosmetics. It has been considered that a woman is incomplete with all her accessories if her hands are not colored with mehndi on festive occasions. In sub-continent, every religious festival has been completed by beautiful mehndi designs on the hands of their females. Different and unique mehndi designs are very much in trend these days.

Arabic Henna Designs for Feet

Mehndi: a symbol of festivity

In past years, women apply mehndi on their hands by copping the leaves of mehndi plant and mixing it with water. The paste, they would apply on their hands. It used to have a special significant smell and when it dries off, an orangish red dark brownish color comes on hand that looked extremely beautiful and festive.



As time passed, everything changes from better to best, so do the concept of mehndi designs. Now the worl is so advanced and perfectionist that people want everything intricate and delicate. Injection syringes have been used to make mehndi patterns on hands and foot just because they give a neat and defined look of every single stroke. However, the tradition of mehndi can never be old and women of every age even little girls want to have their hands colored with beautiful and unique mehndi designs.

Trend of Arabic mehndi designs


Beautiful-Mehndi-Designs For Hands

Previously, simple mehndi designs were so much acceptable because no one explored this are very much neither people have applied their art skills on creating patterns of mehndi on hands and foot. Now competition and the urge of uniqueness drives people to explore everything. Mehndi designs are one of the things where people can express their creativity in beautiful ways. Some people adapted it as their prime profession, skilled mehndi designers apply mehndi designs beautifully in a matter of few minutes on arms, hands and foot.



Arabic mehndi designs have come and become famous. Concept of light and dark filling of patterns, well defined, specifically large petals and floral design are the unique aspect of Arabic mehndi designs. People like it more because they look so rich and neat.

Every single stroke and line in Arabic designs of mehndi are well defined and clear yet at the same time hands look full and colored. Many people are trying to master this art. Many professional mehndi designers are working to improve their Arabic mehndi designing skills and fulfil their customer’s requirements.

A necessary embellishment of every female



Mehndi is known to be the essential part of female accessories. Among every other cosmetic, a traditional women is incomplete without mehndi on her hands. To flourish this ancient concept of coloring hands with mehndi, people came up with designing’s and styles so that it look pretty and beautiful on hands. Arabic mehndi designs are in this regard not only easy to make but also looks perfectly gorgeous.

With little effort anyone can master this art of mehndi designing. Many pictures, styles are available freely on internet. Like every other form of art, mehndi designing also comes with practice.

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