Beautiful French Tip Nail Art Designs:

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Beautiful French Tip Nail Art Designs:

Beautiful French Tip Nail Art Designs:
Beautiful French Tip Nail Art Designs:

The French tip nail designs are the original nail art in which the tip of nail is stick with classic white and pink French tip nail design and we can modernize the look with edgy neon, girly glitter, or bold color blocking. Perfectly manicured nails are as long as it was well groomed and healthy. As we know that nothing in the world can beat a clean, crunchy manicure. When we are talking about manicures, then suddenly French manicures clicks our minds. French manicures are a very popular choice for manicures. They look very glassy and innovative and are the top most priorities among working women who cannot wear funky nails art during the work.

The most appealing French tip nail designs are listed as following:

o Air Brushed French Tips Nail: Air Brushed French Tips Nail

It is an air brush tips nail which can be lasted for a long time if it is done by a good parlor. With the help of air brushes and available stencils you can create a design effectively and efficiently.

o Water Decal Designer French Tips Nail: Water Decal Designer French Tips Nail

In this tips are white and you can add different colors according to your taste. You can also have a black tip for the sake of change with the help of black polish. You can also putt on water decals to give a rock star look.

o Water Decal Designer French Tips Nail Designs: Water Decal Designer French Tips Nail Designs

In this design, you can try out a design with two colors. You can use a color with umber finish or rainbow finish and add a black French tip nail to it. This will seem very smart. You can also try parasitical two colors for this type of look.

o Stamped French Tip Nail Designs: Stamped French Tip Nail Designs

Stamping is a trouble-free way to generate designs. In this you draw up your French tips in normal light skin pink and white and then for a single finger stamp out a floral stamping design with special white polish for stamping. Finally designs are so created with a nice summit coat.

o Glittering French Tip Nail Designs: Glittering French Tip Nail Designs

Firstly use a line of transparent polish with a nail art brush and then tap loose glitters over it with a fan brush. You my also use a glitter striper to draw this kind of a nail art.

o Free Hand French Tips Nail: Free Hand French Tips Nail

If your free hand drawing is good then use some rhinestones which will make the whole look come living but without being too much in excess of done. You can also try this out for a bridesmaid parties.

o Airbrushed French Tip Nail Designs: Airbrushed French Tip Nail Designs

Use proper stencils and air brush machines to get a beautiful nails that’s look gorgeous.

o French Tips On Matte Nail Polish:French Tips On Matte Nail Polish

Matte nail polishes are also a new-fangled trend. You can try out something like this one. You can try a matte black polish or you can use normal black polish but above it .You has to use a matte effect transparent coat to make the nail polish turn matte. Now you can also use a normal black polish with shine on the top for the tips.

With the passage of time French tip nail designs have undergone deep-seated changes and now they are no more boring or plain white as they before. Enjoy these different funky French tip nail designs to add glamour to your personality.

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