Create Nail Art using Fake Nail Designs

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Create Nail Art using Fake Nail Designs

Create Nail Art using Fake Nail Designs
Create Nail Art using Fake Nail Designs

Nail art fever is high these days. Every other girl is seen flaunting her ravishing nail design whenever she has one. Pictures of beautiful nail designs are posted everyday on social websites these days. One of the most searched things these days on internet is ideas for beautiful nail art. Girls are always trying to make some new and beautiful design on their nails. Special nail art kits are also now widely available in the market. But creating an innovative and beautiful nail design all by your self is no doubt a very difficult task.Create Nail Art using Fake Nail Designs 01

Although the outcome of applying nail art, that is, if you are successful in applying a nice and prefect one, is obviously very nice. In my case, it not only makes me feel really happy on my little achievement but also gathers a lot of appreciation from my friends, which again, makes me feel really happy! But the biggest problem that I face is that applying nicely done nail art is really very difficult and it really breaks my heart when after applying some beautiful nail art I have to remove it ultimately.Create Nail Art using Fake Nail Designs 02

So I was thinking for quite some time now about how to solve this issue and one day when I discussed this with my friend she said, “why don’t you try fake nail designs?”. I asked her that what are fake nail designs and how are they going to solve my issue. So I am going to tell you today what she told me. Fake nail designs are actually a way of applying nail art once and then preserving it for reuse. Wicked, hunh? Well, you can apply fake nail designs by using acrylic nails and painting them. After you remove the acrylic nails, you can preserve those painted nails and re-use them whenever you want!Create Nail Art using Fake Nail Designs 03

So I am going to show you a really easy way to have fake nail designs and use them whenever you want.

1. The most important thing in using this way of having fake nail designs is to properly apply acrylic nails. It is better to get an acrylic nail kit which will help you greatly in applying fake nail designs every time as these kits also have a brochure explaining how to apply these nails in a proper way.Create Nail Art using Fake Nail Designs 04

2. If you do not want to get a nail kit, you can simply buy the supplies separately. So first get some nail tip glue and nail tips.

3. Get acrylic clippers and trimmers to shape your acrylic nails as you want to have fake nail designs of your choice.Create Nail Art using Fake Nail Designs 05

4. A bowl and an acrylic brush to mix and apply the acrylic paste.

5. Remove your old nail polish and trim and file your nails.

6. Place a dab of glue on the nail tip and place it carefully over your own nail so that the bottom of the acrylic nail is exactly on top of your own nailCreate Nail Art using Fake Nail Designs 06

7. Now before reaching the fake nail designs part here is one quick tip for having a smooth look with the fake nails. Take a bowl and mix the acrylic liquid and the powder in right proportion and apply it over your nails. This will make the fine line between your own nail and the fake nail disappear and help achieve a beautiful and original look even with fake nail designs.Create Nail Art using Fake Nail Designs 07

8. Now you are absolutely ready to make beautiful designs on your acrylic nails.

Let them dry and wear them as long as you want to. After removing them, you can preserve them and then reuse them by using some glue and no one will ever know that you are using fake nail designs!Create Nail Art using Fake Nail Designs 08

A much easier way for using fake nail designs is to get fake acrylic nails from the market which already have some nail art done to them and glue them on. There is a nice variety of fake nail designs available in the market.

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