Best Tips for Shiny and Strong Nails

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Best Tips for Shiny and Strong Nails

Best Tips for Shiny and Strong Nails
Best Tips for Shiny and Strong Nails

To avoid breaking and chipping, our nails also requires some extra care and nourishment especially in winters. Our nails usually get broken in winter season due to lack of moisture and dehydration. Our nails need to be moisturized twice a day to protect them against breaking. How long your nails can be but they don’t seem beautiful if they are chipped and dry. Just consider the tips given in this article to protect and beautify your nails particularly in the winter.

• Vaseline is beneficial not only for lips and skin but it also moisten and humidify your nails enabling making them stronger. Simply massage your nails with Vaseline. Do this process twice a day.

• Take few cloves of garlic and grind them. It will turn into a paste form. Add some amount of apple cider vinegar in it and mix them very well. Apply this mixture on your nails every day to strengthen them. You may Also take multivitamin daily but once a day.

• Milk is one of the best natural components that can work as good tonic and cleanse your nails. Fill a bowl with milk and dip your nail in it about 10 to 15 minutes and remove it with cold and clean water.

• Take little amount of coffee powder, 1 Tbsp of brown sugar, some amount of rose water and 1 tbsp chocolate powder or melted raw chocolate. Make a very fine paste of all these ingredients. Apply this paste on your nails daily about half hour.


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