Home Remedies for Thick Eyebrows

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Home Remedies for Thick Eyebrows

Home Remedies for Thick Eyebrows
Home Remedies for Thick Eyebrows

Eyebrows are unavoidably the most visible and important part on a woman’ face.  Some people have very less and inadequate eyebrows, so some useful home remedies are given below to grow thicker eyebrows hair:

• You must apply castor oil for nourishing the roots of eyebrows hair. Apply every night before going to bed.

• Massage of olive oil into eyebrows hair direction makes the eyebrows soft and dark and enhances rapid growth.

• Aloe Vera gel is also an effective remedy for eyebrows growth. It also makes skin brows shiny and soft.

• Massage your eyebrows with coconut oil. It works with brows hair too. It makes your eyebrows hair darker and thicker.

• Put a cotton ball into the milk and put on your eyebrows. Pat the cotton dab into brows. You can also choose coconut milk instead.

• Make a paste of fenugreek seeds by grinding it and apply this on your eyebrows in morning or when going to bed.

• Apply some amount of almond oil on your eyebrows. You can mix paste of fenugreek seed and almond oil and finally apply on your brows.

• Vaseline is also very important thing that enhances your brows growth. Apply Vaseline about 2-3 times per day.

• Juice of fresh onion is also considered helpful for encouraging brows growth. It may smell too bad but still, fantastic for thick eyebrows.

• Apply a well beaten egg yolk and use by applying on brows with cotton ball. Leave it for 15-20  minutes and wash off it with cold water.


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