Black Henna Tattoos For Hand And Feet Beauty

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Black Henna Tattoos For Hand And Feet Beauty

Black Henna Tattoos For Hand And Feet Beauty
Black Henna Tattoos For Hand And Feet Beauty


Henna is a paste made by crushing henna leaves and used for dying hands, feet, hair and fingernails and henna is mostly used for decorating hands and feet creatively. Henna is considered a sign of beauty. The women especially from India and Pakistan are fond of putting henna mostly on hands and feet, they consider it a symbol of beauty.

Black hennaBlack henna 01

Black henna is a modern form of pure henna. When the simple henna paste got mixed by para-phenylenediamine (PPD) then that type of henna is called black henna. Black henna is also considered symbol of beauty, in fact it adds more beauty to the design made by simple henna. Mostly black henna is used for finishing the simple henna design beautifully, and it is also applied on hands and soles of the feet.

Black henna tattoosBlack henna 03

Nowadays, in the modern times, now black henna is used for various purposes and it’s in fashion now. Now black henna is yes for making temporary black henna tattoos on different parts of human body, mostly on hands and feet. Now it is considered that black henna gives more beauty when designed beautifully as compared to pure and natural simple henna. The main thing which makes black henna different from the pure henna is the use of PPD. The use of PPD gives pure henna the look of black henna.Black henna 04

Black henna tattoos are in trend nowadays, all over the world. They are more favorable as compared to natural henna tattoos. For anyone who wants a good tattoo must go for black henna tattoo, it is a great thing used for making and enjoying temporary tattoo art on your hand and feet. The black henna paste will be applied on your hand or feet through a cone type tool, a need to do is to choose any tattoo design of your choice and after that particular creative design will be applied on your hand it will leave a black stain gradually as the tattoo design get dried.Black henna 05

Black henna tattoo design is temporary, it will last from two weeks to four weeks maximum, after that the design will get dull and it will fades away gradually and after sometime it will disappear.

Black henna tattoo is not preferableBlack henna tattoo is not preferable 00

Although black henna is in trend and it add beauty to henna and black henna tattoos are also charming, but the research and the experience of many people it is proved that black henna is very dangerous for human skin, as black henna consists of a chemical PPD. The more the amount of PPD is added the more the after result of black henna tattoo will be dark.

It is found that huge of PPD is chemical is usually added in black henna, because of which the stain of your tattoo design will remain on skin forever and will make your skin allergic and after that the design will get permanent on skin giving the effect of burnt skin. Applying tattoo design from pure henna is a preferable way of making your hands look beautiful instead of going for black henna tattoo.

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