Create Your Own Cute Mehndi Designs With Few Tips

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bridal mehndi designs for hands, simple mehndi designs

The Mehndi designs as a body art technique has been becoming more and more popular in the world and it has been emerged from the South East Asian world. The Pakistan, India and Arabic world holds the base for the henna design patterns as the Mehndi designs are applied on the different parts of the body like the hands and feet. It is a temporary body art and it doesn’t leave any bad effect on the body that’s why the mehndi designs for hands have been becoming a lot more popular even all over the world as well. Here, I am going to discuss the latest mehndi designs as the body art technique.

bridal mehndi designs for hands, simple mehndi designs

Mehndi, as a new temptation and sensational trend in the world

Its popularity is growing day by day all over the world now because it is not harmful for the health unlike the other body tattoo designs. You can try the simple mehndi designs for hands quite easily even if you are a beginner in applying the Mehndi. It can be removed easily when you want it to be removed at any point of time. There are a few big reasons why the Mehndi designs are become more popular than the other traditional tattoo designs.

The main benefit of Mehndi design tattoos is that they offer a painless method for designing a tattoo on the body as compared to the other traditional tattoo designs having the pain and hazards those are harmful for the health. So, the artistic and simple mehndi designs for hands or whatever area of the body has been becoming more and more popular these days. The reason for this is that the henna is the only natural herb tattoo technique that has no side effect.

Creating your own henna design

If you are a beginner and you are looking for the easy mehndi designs, then let me tell you that there are the top three Mehndi patterns those are very famous all around the world. One of them is a Pakistani Mehndi patterns and the rest are Indian and Arabic Mehndi patterns. First of all, you would need to select the best Mehndi pattern among these according to your choice.

The main difference between the Pakistani, Indian and Arabic mehndi designs for hands is that the Arabic Mehndi designs covers less skin and by applying less Mehndi whereas, the Pakistani and the Indian mehndi designs for hands shows a very little part of the skin by applying heavy Mehndi designs. Once you have selected the best Mehndi pattern according to your choice, then you can download the E-books for the latest Mehndi designs to have a variety of options to choose from.


If you are a beginner or if there is a wedding ceremony and you are short of confidence to apply the bridal mehndi designs for hands, then I will suggest you to hire a professional Mehndi design applier from a good beauty parlor because you cannot afford to do an experiment right on the wedding day. A professional Mehndi design applier knows how to apply the Mehndi design correctly and at the same time, you will have the chance to learn from his skills for the next event.

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