Top 10 Free Apple Iphone Apps At Apple’s App Store

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It is the age of Smartphone and every one of us wants to take the maximum advantage and maximum utilization of our expensive Smartphone. If you are an iPhone user and looking for a few useful iPhone apps, then I am going to share with you some interesting facts about the iPhone app store and the top iPhone apps right here. But, let me tell you what is iPhone app store and when it was launched.

History of Apple App Store:

On July 11, 2008, Apple launched its App Store. And amazingly, users had downloaded 10 million iPhone Apps within the first weekend. And according to the Wall Street Journal, on August 11, 2008 right after one month of the App Store launch, Apple was making like $1 million per day from the App Store’s site. The Apps Store’s website was called as a “grand slam” by the Apple’s owner and CEO Steve Jobs. And according to Steve Jobs, in the first months, developers earned $9 million.

On September 9, 2008, about 100 million iPhone apps were downloaded, reported by “VentureBeat”. And with time, the figures just increased with the massive rate until now. Initially, when the iPhone was launched, it was no doubt a breakthrough in the mobile phone technology. But, apart from looking good and showing the caller’s picture, it didn’t do all that much.

After the revelation of Apple’s Apps Store, everything changed for the iPhone. And the iPhone became a digital playground for all the iPhone users. After letting you know about the history of iPhone App Store, now I’ll let you know about the recent top free iPhone 5 apps.I’m saying iPhone 5 apps because iPhone 5 is the latest iPhone model by the Apple. Now, let me tell you the top ten apps for iPhone 5 to enjoy them freely on your iPhone.

Top free iPhone apps:

  1. Facebook: Undoubtedly, the Facebook is the world’s largest social network and iPhone Apps Store offers this app in a great fashion to stay in contact with your loved ones and best buddies right from your Smartphone quickly and conveniently. This app is rated as the number on the Apple Apps Store and it is the iPhone 5 apps must have application if you are an iPhone user.
  2. PhotoSynth: With PhotoSynth, you can take the good camera shots with your older iPhone and it is a great panorama app available on the Apple App Store.
  3. RunKeeper: The RunKeeper is another great app that allows you to track cycling and jogging routes and you can also observe your calories burned and pace. This app is available in two versions like “free” and “pro” versions.
  4. LinkedIn Pulse: Providing streams of feeds with photographs, this app grabs your eye and it’s a great choice if you follow a small number of feeds.
  5. Dropbox: The Dropbox is an easy and free app available on the Apple Play Store and I’ll place it to the number 5 in the iPhone 5 apps store. It is free and user friendly app.
  6. National Rail Enquiries: Wow! This app is really great and your rail inquiry assistance right from your Apple iPhone. It is a handy app and you must need to have it if you commute by train. It is totally free.
  7. Skype: Well, the Skype doesn’t need any explanations as almost every one of us knows its importance and what is it. So, I have placed it to the number 7.
  8. Movies by Flixter: This is a great app for those who love to watch movies on their Apple iPhone. This app by now is perhaps the best app in this category and you can try it for free from the Apple Apps Store.
  9. TonePad: Well, this is an entertainment app and it is purely a digital music toy that will make you fall in love with it. So, this app is at number 9 in this countdown.
  10. Thomson Reuters News Pro: At last, but not the least, this app offers you a great coverage that makes it a winner in its category.

The future of Apple App Store

Having seen the popularity and history of the Apple Apps Store, we will witness more and more fun and utilities and customizations from the Apple’s App Store because every now and then the Apple is producing the amazing iPhone 5 apps download viaitsApps Store and it is the leading Apps Store till now holding every category’s app and games for its users. So, its future will undoubtedly be as great as it is now.

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