Create Your Own Ice Cream

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Create Your Own Ice Cream

Create Your Own Ice Cream
Create Your Own Ice Cream

Unlike other regular desserts, ice cream is not the fussy one among them. You can create your own ice cream by preparing basic custard. And then you can go for versatile directions in order to add some flavor of your choice in particular ice cream.

The ingredients you will need are 1 cup milk, 1 Tbsp sugar, half tsp vanilla extract, 4-5 tbsp salt, 2 dishes of ice cubes, 5 tsp flavored syrup, little amount of butter and any alternate flavor (you will have to add 1 tbsp coco powder if you want chocolate ice cream. It is better to make individual servings of the ice cream you want so that it could be easy to eat swiftly. This article describes the method of freezer bag so that you can create your own ice cream. Just pour some milk, sugar and desired flavoring in quart size bag. Take 2 ice quarts, if possible grind it, and put it into a gallon sized bag along with coarse salt or rock salt. In an ideal way, the bag will be about half full with salt and ice mixture.Put the sealed bag into gallon sized bag along with all ingredients. Seal it properly.Stir up smoothly, massage then shake the gallon sized bag for approximately 15-20 minutes. For massage, the bag will be much cold and may get slipped with amass condensation. You may opt for gloves or any towel.Eliminate the refined ice cream from bag and take it to serve.

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