Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Roman Glass Jewelry

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Roman Glass: A piece of the Holy Land

Roman glass jewelry incorporates both history and beauty. About 2000 years ago, glass was widely produced and highly popular among the Romans and the Roman Empire was the birthplace of new glass blowing techniques. Today, the ancient glass is being uncovered during excavations in archeological sites in Israel, the Holy Land. You can get your very own piece from Israel from Gravie’s shop. Each piece of their Roman glass jewelry is inlaid with pieces of this ancient glass and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

The Roman Empire made use of this material more than any other civilization.It comes in unique shades of reds, greens, blues, and purples. Today, you’ll find pendants, rings, and earring studs made out of Roman glass.


Roman glass jewelry can be sourced from reputable online companies. Look for a Certificate of Authentication with the jewelry. The well-known family-owned company, Gravies, is the best place to buy Roman glass jewelry. They have a wide collection of genuine and unique antique pieces. 

They offer a beautifully designed Pear-shaped Roman glass necklace at a fair cost, top quality of craftsmanship, and pure silver. They also offer free shipping for orders more than $35 and an interest-free installment facility for their customers.


Roman glass jewelry is beautiful and affordable to buy. However, the best part of this type of accessory is that it is impossible to replicate and is irreplaceable. Its uniqueness and style are unmatched. Wearing Roman glass jewelry can go with any look and is for any occasion. 

Israel is famous for handicrafts, and each piece of jewelry made by Gravies looks authentic and unique. 

Easy and affordable maintenance

It is easy to maintain the ornaments made of Roman glass, as they are quite sturdy and resilient to harsher conditions. It is affordable to take care of these ornaments when compared to other gemstones. Just like many other gemstones, you will need to take basic precautions like keeping them away from extreme heat and water.

Besides helping you look fashionable, Christian jewelry serves as a reminder that God is with you. It has a calming effect on you because you know your faith will help you overcome difficult situations. 

Types of Ancient Roman Jewelry Available Today

You can make your fashion statement by including one or two pieces of these wonderfully designed accessories. The Roman glass enhances your style when worn on special occasions. Gravies offer a high-quality Roman glass to wear. Their products are embedded in silver chains and earrings for the brightness and rich look.

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