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Personalized Gifts

If you would say jewelry is my life that would be absolutely true. I got a large collection of different kinds of jewelry at my home. And Personalized jewelry is the latest addition to this collection. A store named Koala Print is producing personalized gift items particularly personalized jewelry. Here is what I have found out on this store.

Name Necklace

Do you love necklaces? Actually I do. That’s why I am always in hunt of new variety in necklaces. Koala Print got amazing variety of necklaces to offer. You have get a necklace with your name written in font you like. It can even be an Arabic name. It can be in gold, sliver or stainless steel. And the quality is amazing.It’s pretty hard to chose from the variety of products. But I went for Carrie Style Name Necklace:

Carrie Style Name Necklace Custom Classic Name Necklace

Photo Necklace

I am already loving name necklace and then there is photo necklace. There are so many options available in such necklaces too. You can have different shapes i.e. heart shape, round shape etc. Apart from that you can either have your photo places or engraved on the locket. There are options in material used as well, you can stainless steel, titanium steel or sterling silver necklace. So you can get a necklace with a couple photo and gift it to your beloved. Or you can get your baby photo necklace and always keep it near your heart. That’s an amazing heart touching product, you will love it. I personally love Infinity Heart Photo Necklace Personalized S925 Silver Shadow Engraving Necklace

Projection Bracelet

That would be something new for most of the people. As the name suggest, such bracelets have projection properties in them. It will project the picture you had provided to the Koala Print at the time of purchase. It can be any picture. You can provide your picture or picture of your wife or fiancee etc or a couple picture. Whichever picture you will provide will be used for projection. That will surely be a fun and would make your bracelet into a perfect personalized gift.

Custom Photo Projection Bracelet Personalized Picture Projection Bracelet

Personalized Gifts

The above mentioned products are not the only kinds of products Koala Print is offing. Even though they got high quality jewelry related personalized gifts as their best selling products. But their other items are attracting the customers as well. If you are looking for something in clothing or home decor Koala Print can provide you a personalized product in these fields too. That’s a kind of store you must visit.

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