Eye Catching Hair-Cuts and Up DOs

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Eye Catching Hair-Cuts and Up DOs

A hair cut can totally change your personality in such a way that everyone will comment on you being a totally changed person. If you have medium length hair then you have the most versatile arena as you can transform your hair cut in a number of ways. You can play with your hair cut with a variety of available up dos.

Instead of experimenting with your hair styles, opt for a hair experiment and the stylist will tell you the hair cut and the hair up do that will suit your face cut the best. Hair takes painstakingly long to grow, so it is best to leave this important decision in the hand of your hair stylist. Once you have found your magical look, then you can experiment with it a little.Eye Catching Hair-Cuts and Up DOs

Personal style, texture, personality and face cut are the important determinants of the hair style that you should carry. If you go for something totally wrong then the hair style will stay with you and you will need to wait for your hair to grow till you can opt for a suitable hair cut.

Hair cut according to texture

Eye Catching Hair-Cuts and Up DOs

Hair texture plays an important role in determining the hair cut and the hair up do that will suit you. For instance, a hair cut that will look amazing on straight hair will look terrible on curly hair and the other way around. In the same way, limp and oily hair has their own demands and different hair dos will work wonder on frizzy and fluffy hair. The kind of bangs and the length of bangs that you can opt with your hair cut are also dependent on your hair texture.

Width of the forehead

Eye Catching Hair-Cuts and Up DOs

The width of the forehead also determines the hair cut and hair up do that you can carry. A small forehead needs to be enhanced with an up do that pulls your hair back and gives an impression of wideness; on the other hand, people with wide forehead try to cover it with bangs and side falls so that the forehead does not dominate the other features of your pretty face.

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