Fantabulous Mehndi Designs For Wedding Functions

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Wedding day is most important and romantic day of our life and always stay in our memories. Every girl has dreams to make her wedding day perfect and memorable. She knows from her childhood that she has to leave her parent’s home one day and have to live with new family and husband. The charm of wedding and to look beautiful in bridal avatar makes her so conscious for preparing all arrangement of this day. She wants to look wonderful and gorgeous so she takes a lot of time in thinking what will suit her or not.  The concept of looking gorgeous make her conscious for selecting all bridal stuffs like bridal dresses jewelry , makeup and even for the best mehndi designs for wedding. Beside from the makeover the mehndi patterns also matter a lot in the beauty of bridal at wedding day. Usually bridal Mehndi Patterns are quite different from the formal mehndi designs. On this occasion bridal chooses intense and complex mehndi patterns to cover full hands, arms, legs and feet. Bridal mehndi designs take a long time to apply fully back and front of hands and arms, usually Arabic mehndi design and Indian mehndi design are preferable for bridals.

Bridal Mehandi Designs For Front Hands:

Usually the Indian bridal and mostly the Pakistani bridal too like to cover their hands full with complex and narrow mehndi patterns. Mehndi design starts from the edge of fingers and goes beyond to end of the arms. Mehndi artist has to create design with big and small flowers and different patterns to create flawless between the mehndi designs and to make it so beautiful.

bridal mehandi designs, mahendi

Bridal Mehendi Designs For backside of Hands:

It’s a choice of bridal who wants to apply mehndi at backside of the hand. Some like to apply full and intense mehndi designs at backside of the hand and some like simple mehndi designs for hands. Full covered Mehndi on backside of the hand looks beautiful. If bridal has to wear heavy jewelry, then it looks sometime weird to eyes. Mehndi designs with glitter and stones and studs looks so beautiful at the bridal hands which increase beautify of the bridal.

dulhan mehndi design, mehndi designs for wedding

Bridal mahendi For Legs & Feet:

Bridal considered incomplete without the complete package of mehndi design on her body. Bridal looks beautiful when she applies henna on hands, legs and feet. Some bridal like new mehndi designs fully covered legs and feet and some like only on the feet. Bridal becomes prominent at Mehndi function when she used to apply mehndi designs on her legs and feet.

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