Tips To Get Darker Color For Beautiful Mehndi Designs

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It’s a concept in Pakistan and India that if bridal gets darker color of its Mehndi, and then her husband or his mother-in-law will love her most. It is considered a good bode when bride gets darker color on her hands and on feet. Old ladies and old values people become very conscious when they see if bride mehndi color is tame or dull. Mehndi cones manufacturers are using heavy chemical in henna to boast the mehndi color and these chemical are harmful for the skin. Doctors and skin specialists warn us not to use chemical Henna cones to get darker color which can serious effects on your skin or can cause dreadful situations. It’s good to use natural henna for mehandi design and uses some natural tips to get dark color on your hands and feet. Here are some tips that can help you get good Mehndi color naturally.

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Tea Can Boast Mehndi Color:

To get dark brown color for mehndi patterns on your hand, you need to have one pot filled with half cup boiling water. Add half teaspoon of tea in the boiling water heat till it shows brown color. Now switch off stove button and wait till it turns cool. After some time when this mixture becomes cool, soak a piece of cotton and apply this water on your beautiful mehndi designs. After 10 minutes you can wash your hands, and you will see the good results by getting good color of henna.

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Suger Paste Is Good To Get Mehndi Color:

It’s a very easy method to get red and fresh mehndi color on your hands by using this so simple tip. Take some water in a pot and add appropriate amount of sugar to make a thick paste of it. After getting thick paste and making this mixture cool, apply it with cotton to your latest mehndi designs. After three or four hours wash your Mehndi and dry your hands, you will see the color of your mehndi will be getting darker in a day.

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Some Random Tips For Good mahendi Color:

Here are some extra tips that will help to get you desire Henna Color.

  • Apply sugar and lemon mixture with cotton on your Mehndi design and wash it after hour you will see reddish henna color on your hands.
  • You can apply mustard and clove oil on your hands. It works as oxidant for your mehndi color.
  • You can use Vicks, moove or other painkiller balm on your hands it will give you the good results.
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