Hijab for women in Islam

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Hijab for wom

Hijab for women in Islam
Hijab for women in Islam

As a Muslim it is our responsibility or farz to act upon the teachings of Allah and the Holy Prophet (S.A.W). These teachings are there to guide us even today in every walk of life. They are present in the form of Quran and Sunnah. The Muslim who does not act upon the teachings of Islam will be punished in the end for his sins and those who follow them will be rewarded not only in this world but in the Hereafter.

One of these teachings is about Hijab and the way a Muslim woman should cover herself. Hijab has always been a controversial issue and people in the world of different religions have blamed Islam for being a religion of coercion. But this is not so. Islam teaches peace and its teachings are for the benefit of mankind itself. If a woman will do Hijab, she will benefit her own self. Hijab will protect her from the evils prevailing in our society. So Hijab does not oppress her personality in fact it adds more charm to it. a woman no matter how much beautiful she is should not be happy to catch the attention of men whom she has no relation with. If she is innocent she would never agree to reveal her body to every other man. For this reason Islam has guided women to cover them using Hijab.



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