How to Have Long Eyelashes

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How to Have Long Eyelashes

How to Have Long Eyelashes
How to Have Long Eyelashes

It is thought that real beauty of eyes lies in the eyelashes. Every person has varying size of eyelashes; some have too long and some have too thin or too short eyelashes. Every woman desire to have long and thick eyelashes as it beautifies the eyes by giving it more attraction. One can get long lashes naturally by following some worthy tips and methods.

Clean your eyelashes through exfoliating scrub. It will be much better to wash your complete face by this scrub but avoid it to be exposed into your eyes.

Eyelashes curlers are used by most of the women which damage your eyelashes by plucking them out of their roots, making them much difficult to grow back. So, try to leave eyelashes free as possible.

Avoid applying too much makeup on your eyes. Your eyelashes may rapidly fall out by applying different sorts of make up products daily such as eye shadows, mascara and eyeliner etc. Let them grow naturally by leaving them alone.

Pulling your eyelashes out can reduce their volume. If some thing has trapped in lashes, look at the mirror and try to remove that gently rather than pulling them.

Apply Vaseline on your eyelashes and leave them overnight. Repeat this procedure for at least two weeks. You will find clear results.

If you have complaint of falling out your lashes then here is best remedy for that. Just make a mixture of castor oil and egg white. Apply with brush and leave it overnight.


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