Home remedies for Headache

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Many people are occasionally  tense of headache and wonder how to get rid of headache quickly. Many people’s causes of headache are related to high blood pressure and dehydration.Tight muscles in the shoulders and neck due to emotional stress are physical stress.


Below are some home remedies to get rid of the headache.

Self Message 

Messages are very important to get rid of a headache. You can choose a professional message to relax tight muscles, use massage balls ,Apply heat to your upper back and neck to help relieve a tension headache. 

 Self message working with a massage therapist can resolve chronic problems.

Neck and shoulders tension that can cause headache.

Better sleep

Batter sleep is one  of the  major problems of headache.A headache can be triggered by either less or excess sleep. Getting good sleep or napping if suffering from a headache provides good relief.The idea is to get sound and this means sleeping close to 7 -9 hours.

Herbal Tea 

Herbal tea is very important to get rid of headaches.You can try various kinds of herbal tea. In case of headache, ginger tea may help with migraines. Ginger also treats the nausea that is associated with headache. This tea includes peppermint lavender and chamomile.

Hot or cold compress 

You just simply use an  ice bag and put it on the forehead or neck.This will reduce the inflammation and constrict the blood pressure. It can give the relief of a headache. If you are faced with a headache due to tension, applying the heating pad on the forehead will relax the muscles and relieve stress.


Cinnamon water is very effective to treat headaches. Try this method: grind cinnamon sticks and convert it into a powder, add some water and make a thick paste out of it. Now apply on the forehead for 30 minutes then rinse with warm water.

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