Indian Dress for Marriage

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Indian Dress for Marriage Indian Dress for Marriage

Indian dress for marriage is a cloth set which is worn by bridegroom, brides and other family members and relatives participating in the wedding event of marriage. Bride’ Dresses for Marriage The brides in Indian marriage mostly prefer to wear a lehnga or saree dress that depends on the region where they do live. Red color is imagined for good luck and auspicious color selection among the marriage functions in Hindus. However, the pattern of a saree dress is considered best and chosen by most of brides mainly in west India, south India and east India as well. Similarly this choice of dress for wedding varies region to region such as brides in other regions of India use to wear gagra choli, odni and lehenga as their bridal outfit. Bridegroom’s Dresses for Marriage Several communities of eastern, south and west India are still stuck to their cultural and traditional wears that include Lungi, Mundu used by few communities and sometimes Dhoti in south India. Shirt or kurta are also worn and only “angavastram” may be preferred in order to cover the chest sometimes. On the other side, bridegrooms often wear a Jodhpuri suit, western suit and Sherwani dress as well. The face of groom is concealed through a veiled with the help of some curtain made by flowers that is known as “sehra” in the north parts of India only, which is not traditional elsewhere. It is also conventional to wear “Taqiyah” during the entire festivity particularly in Muslims’ marriages.
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