Natural Ways for Blackheads Removal

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Natural Ways for Blackheads Removal

Natural Ways for Blackheads Removal
Natural Ways for Blackheads Removal

Blackheads are pimples which are skinless. They are exposed to dust and air directly, that is why outer substance and dust particles enter in pores and get oxidized which result in grayish black color called as “blackheads”. What you need to do is just clean pores and blackheads will b vanished. Here are some natural ways to remove your blackheads easily:

? Take an adjustable amount of lemon juice, water, salt or sugar and acidic cream. Combine

? Mix up one Tbsp of apple cider vinegar with equal amount of clay. Apply on your

? Take some amount of honey and put it on your fingers. Pat the affected areas where you are

? Pour some drops of lemon juice on toothbrush along with 2 drops of jojoba oil. Massage the

? Take two Tbsp of mint tea’s brew and one Tbsp of turmeric powder and mix them in a fine

all these ingredients until it gets thin paste form. Clean your face with water and rinse. Start applying lightly in circular motion focusing blackheads. Rinse face after 3-5 minutes. Blackheads. Leave it for 15-20 minutes. Remove it with wet soft cloth gently aimed to remove blackheads. Honey will attach with the substance in pores and drag it out when you detach your fingers. Do it for four minutes. affected area gently and wash away with water. Apply it weekly and avoid your eyes. paste. Apply it on your face and leave for ten minutes. Remove it with normal water.


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