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indian television hot scenes

Indian Television industry is getting advanced day by day in things once taboo to be mentioned. Now they are showing intimate kissing scene on the national TV screens. Indian Television shows are famous all over the world for their highly romantic different stories and sizzling hot couples, on the silver screen. Currently, even the young generation is crazy to see these hot and intimate scenes of their favorite couples on these shows. Today, we are going to share some hot buzz kissing scenes of different shows that their fans really enjoyed.

Ram & Priya:

ram and priya kiss, ram and priya hot kiss

In Ekta kapoor show “Bady Ache Lagte Hain” the first time an intimate and hot lip lock was shown. This was the hottest romantic kiss ever on the television screen. People really like to see these characters, Ram and Priya and sharing their hot and romantic moment with them.

Arnav & Khushi:

arnav and khushi kiss, sanaya and barun

The most famous and romantic couple in the history of TV, Khushi and Arnav, shared very sweet and romantic moments. This was the show where it’s fans were eager and desperately waiting for their first intimate kissing scene. They shared many kissing moment and these moment are in the list of most romantic moment of television history ever.

Maan & Geet:

maan and geet kiss, maan and geet hot

This sizzling and hot onscreen couple, Maan and Geet has become the most romantic couple on TV. During the show, fan admired their onscreen chemistry and all the love making moments enormously. This couple has not shared real lip lock on the screen but all suggestive kissing moment and some of their intimate scenes were enough make their fans drool.

Radhika & Dev:

radhika and dev romentic scene, dev and radhika kiss

This onscreen couple shared a real lip lock on the screen during their most famous intimate and hot scene. People loved the sizzled moments of this show but the hot kiss became the hot buzz in industry.

Roopal & Ankit:

Roopal and Ankit romentic scenes

The most intimate lip lock ever on the screen was from the show, “Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke”. In the show, so many cute and romantic moment really filled the fan’s heart with lovely sweetness but the passionate kissing scene made them wowed to see their hottest moments of the show.

Nia & Kushal:

Nia and Kushal kiss

Nia and Kushal onscreen romantic chemistry was so famous on the TV. Fans liked to see their cute fights and sweet romantic scenes. The couple shared the hottest kissing scene to the background music, “Tum Hi Ho” and it went on to become the most memorable romantic scene on the screen.

Paro & Rudra:

paro and rudra hot scene, paro and rudra kiss

The latest onscreen smoking hot couple Paro and Rudra, are becoming the most romantic couple of this current this era. After the hating sequences, people were desperate to see their hot and intimate scenes and confession of their love. This couple fulfilled the complaint of their fans by sharing the romantic couple dance and the lip-palm-lip kissing scenes. People also loved their first bed scene together and their fans like their strong spellbinding love chemistry.

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