Latest Winter Collection 2013 For Women By Shamaeel Ansari

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Latest Winter Collection 2013 For Women By Shamaeel Ansari  

Latest Winter Collection 2013 For Women By Shamaeel Ansari
Latest Winter Collection 2013 For Women By Shamaeel Ansari

Many of the women are curious to know what line of fashion would be in this winter. Will there be any changes or the same designs would be in? Let’s take the idea from the

Latest Winter Collection 2013 For Women By Shamaeel Ansari. Yes, the sneak peak of the collection is available

now. The winter collection includes an array of latest cuts which most of the women are going die to wear!!

Shamaeel Ansari- A great name in the industry 

It has been two decades since Shamaeel Ansari has been working for Pakistan fashion industry. No to mention, she always comes with up unique, fresh and tailoring styles that every women wants to include in her wardrobe. You will be thrilled to see her winter collection for 2013 as always.

What’s going to be in?

Trendy shirts in sharp tones such as brown, black, maroon, orange, red are included. These dark colors are paired with printed as well as plain trousers but of the same color. A number of unique adornments are laced on the shirts. They include ruffles at the neck lines, floral paints, vivid prints and much more.  You will also see tree triangular kaftans in the collection. These dresses will look amazing being worn with the winter long boots.

All the young women will love the line of dresses because the colors are amazing and the designs are unique too. Look different and classy and make plans to fill your wardrobe with designer collection. You will look as elegant as the designer of these dresses.


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