Long Eyelashes – Desire of every Girl

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Long Eyelashes – Desire of every Girl

Eyes are known to be the window of one’s soul. Having beautiful eyes is a symbol of attraction and beauty. The beauty adding factor in eyes is the long eye lashes that everyone desires to have specially women. We often praise baby’s eyes because of long eyelashes.

They look fabulous on everyone. Eyelashes are required for healthy eyes because they protect us from dust and keep our eyes moist. Apart from health factor, everyone wants to have healthy and long eyelashes for making their eyes look pretty.

Long Eyelashes – Desire of every Girl

Girls use mascara and many chemical full treatments to make their eyelashes look longer than usual. They apply many products in the market available to grow their eyelashes healthily but the issue is that these kinds of treatments, products and mascaras are not permanent solution to long eyelashes. You can apply them easily but they won’t give you any long term benefits. These chemicals and mascaras can be too heavy for your eyelashes and may damage their natural beauty.

Long Eyelashes – Desire of every Girl

You should apply some home remedies and natural tonics to stimulate the natural growth of your eyelashes. These natural remedies will never damage the original beauty of your eyes and will always add some natural grace to your eyelashes. Some of the natural remedies are given below which you can apply easily in order to get longer and thicker eyelashes:

Castor Oil:

Long Eyelashes – Desire of every Girl

Castor oil is one of the very old remedies for thicker and longer eyelashes and the very common one too. You just have to apply some castor oil from the roots of your eyelashes to the tips of them using your finger or cotton.

Castor oil stimulates natural growth of hair. This is not only limited to eyelashes. It can also be used for your hair or eyebrows. So, do get yourself a castor oil bottle for natural beauty.

Olive Oil:

Long Eyelashes – Desire of every Girl

Olive oil is another great remedy. You would have heard that how much beneficial it is for longer and thicker hair. You may stimulate your hair growth manifold just by applying this great oil on your hairs’ roots.

You can apply this using your finger, cotton or mascara brush. Mascara brush is very easy to use.

Petroleum Jelly:

Long Eyelashes – Desire of every Girl

If you don’t want to apply above two remedies then you can apply pure petroleum jelly to the roots of you eyelashes. It also increases the growth of eyelashes.

It will make your eyelashes very much stronger and healthier. Use this remedy every night.

Lavender Essential Oil and Coconut Oil Mixture:

Long Eyelashes – Desire of every Girl

You can mix these two for applying it at night for thick, strong and long eyelashes. Use only two to three drops of lavender essential oil with a half teaspoon of coconut oil. Coconut oil is also full with nutrients which are healthy for growth.

Perfect Diet:

You can get long eyelashes using above remedies but if you want that growth and thickness to be lifetime then keep your diet healthy and balanced. Without proper diet, any remedy across the world or any treatment is useless. So, first keep your diet healthy like take lots of fruits, vegetables, fish and other rich sources of protein.

Use the above mentioned tips and be naturally pretty.


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