Make Special Events Worth Remembering with Arabic Mehndi Designs!

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Mehndi is considered one of the most essential constituent of enhancing women’s beauty. The eye catching designs on hands and feet give a very sedate and attractive look. Nowadays it has become ritual to apply mehndi on happy occasions like diwali, eid and especially weddings. Bride is considered incomplete without the mesmerizing scent of mehdni. Some women even apply it on their hand nail and toe nails. As everything has undergone change with the passage of time so have the mehndi designs. Special saloons have been opened to cater to the growing need of outstanding and unique mehndi designs. Girls are now moving towards Arabic mehndi designs which give more traditional and magical look to hands. People think of it as very tedious art that can only be performed by experts. But we have gathered the list of some of very cool Arabic mehndi designs that don’t require any expert rather you can easily apply it at your home too. This exotic collection will give splendid touch and will surely make events worth more memorable.

Arabic Flower Mehndi Designs:

Here the flowers and leaves are arranged in a delicate pattern. The thick outlines of flowers add more details in the design and give mehndi a very distinct and classical look.

Simple Arabic mehndi deisgns:

You can simply cover your palm with flowers and long leaves starting with the index finger. First make half angular flower and make it bigger in size as you reach the end of the palm.  You can make small zigzag designs on your fingers and cover finger nails with mehndi.

Mehndi designs for kids:

Kids never remain beind when it comes to applying Arabic mehndi designs. Just keep in mind that most Arabic mehndi designs contain one thing. On the back side of your hand you can draw any design in diagonal manner and it will give pleasant look. Small flowers or even butterflies can be drawn with ease.

Heart and Round Shaped designs:

Heart or round shapes have special importance in Arabic mehndi designs. With thick circle at center and motifs of any sort can be made to give it a heavy and sedate look.

Small stars Arabic mehndi designs:

Five pointed star as Arabic mehndi designs has always been adored by girls of all age. This simple yet elegant piece can be decorated with special leaves or art designs. It is very common among Indian brides to write names of their husbands inside mehndi using crafty and calligraphic style. It is considered good omen if husband finds his name on the hands of wife.

Glitters and stones Arabic mehndi designs:

Now mehndis have been applied with glitters as outline and stones are places at different spots like inside flowers to give it more vivacious and beautiful look. You can even match the coloring of glitter and stones with your outfit’s color. One can add sparkles as a final coating to make the Arabic mehndi design more attractive and catchy.

Applying mehndi is always fun and makes events more enjoyable. So grab the mehndi cones and start making these beautiful Arabic mehndi designs.

Latest Arabic Full Hand Mehndi Designs:

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