Make Your Hands Look Beautiful Through Nail Tips

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Make Your Hands Look Beautiful Through Nail Tips

Your hands are commonly exposed every time. Whenever you meet or greet someone, your hands come in notice by the other person. Your nails, hence either add or reduce the look of your hands. A look of neat and cleaned hands always gives the delicate look of the nails. By taking care of your nails you can make your hands worth noticing. It is not a difficult task to do. You might have seen many readings regarding nails and their extensions (artificial one).  But when it comes to nails, nail tips are equally important.

What are nail tips?

Make Your Hands Look Beautiful Through Nail Tips

This is one of the approach of creating artificial nails. Nail tips are basically made up of light in weight plastic material plates having the shape of natural nail. Nail tips are glued at the end of the natural nail. Nail tips are applied especially when your natural nail tips are weak or less attractive. As a result nail tips enhance the overall look of your nails in a way you never imagined. The use of nail tips is becoming so much common this is the reason that they are available now in a variety of colors and designs in market.

Make Your Hands Look Beautiful Through Nail Tips

Nail tips are also available in a variety of prints. When these are applied in place of your natural tips, they absolutely give a very cool look. This trend of applying nail tips is especially liked by college, university going girls and working women.

How to apply nail tips:

Make Your Hands Look Beautiful Through Nail Tips

For applying nail tips, you don’t need to visit a salon and waste time and money. You can apply nail tips easily at home.

  • Wash your hands, with hand wash and hot water properly.
  • Dry your hands with the help of a towel.
  • Now with the help of your nail cutter, cut the uneven surface of your nails.
  • Give your nails a proper shape that you want to give through your purchased nail tips.
  • Make Your Hands Look Beautiful Through Nail Tips
  • Now file your nails to make smooth edges of your nail tips.
  • Now apply your desired nail tips in the place of your natural nail tips. You will have to glue them with the help of a sticking material. Most of the times ultra violet top coat is used or sometimes some chemical is also referred in the kit. You can make use of both.
  • Wait for some time, so that it is ensured that the nail tips are properly glued.
  • After applying nail tips, you apply acrylic nails to beautify your nails.


Make Your Hands Look Beautiful Through Nail Tips

Note that when you want to remove the nail tips you have to make use of some chemical for example acetone solution. Acetone solution if not used in a measured quantity can dry up your nails and reduce their natural shine. It causes dehydration. It must be properly checked that minimum quantity of the solution is applied for the removal.

Also when you are using different nail tips again and again you are going through the same process of applying them. It is not good for the health of the nails.


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